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[Mothcats] [Approved] Danger!! Caution!!! by ceadar

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Name: D'jango
Gender/Pronouns: Female / She/Her
Orientation: Hetero
Relationship Status: Single
Age: 19 
MasterlistMothcat ID #880
Character PageToyhouse

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D'jango's first instinct is to push others away before they can do the same to her. She's full of mostly empty threats and will fight you for looking at her the wrong way. Once you get past that, Dj is jokingly mean and teasing. She's an Awful Teen, and loves playing pranks when she isnt in band practice. Despite how much she enjoy's it Django will not admit that she likes being in the band with her family and Amadeus. 

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♥ = Romantic Partner(s)
♦ = Family
 = Friend
∴ = Neutral
 = Enemy

  Alice| Older Brother | Bandmate
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They're in a band together where Alice raps and Dj is a diskjockey.

♦ Nimbus | Oldest Brother | Bandmate
[Mothcats] [ Approved Myo ] The Storm that Rumbles by ceadar

Nimbus is also in the band with Alice and Dj, he sings bass. D'jango really looks up to Nimbus due to his passion for music and desire to protect and care for his little siblings. Dj's instict was to push first so she doesnt get pushed but her brothers, Nimbus especially, helped her with people skills and she has learned to respond more healthily.

Tyla | Cousin / Band Mate

Taija | Cousin / Band Mate

★ Flo | Stoplight Trio

owned by @/ooicefangoo
Flo would throw someone to the ground for her but is also equally likely to launch her into the sun.

★ Kramer| Stoplight Trio


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