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Aluminium MacBook Pro OSX

The new aluminum MacBook Pro as an icon for Mac OS X!
This is not a cutout from the apple website. I completely created this myself.

Click download on the left for the ICNS file!

For personal use only.
Do not modify or redistribute without permission.

© 2008 - 2022 CE0311
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wait...why would you want an icon of a computer?
FurFlux's avatar
For Virtual Machines maybe
How can i download? I dont see any link
FluttershyHD's avatar
There is a download button on the right side of the page!
okay forgive me, it was on the right!
New to this site, how do I download this it looks great. I can not see 'download' on the left!
Mottek's avatar
What an amazing work!
streincorp's avatar
Very well done!
saeros01's avatar
nice! ..antiglare version?
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COOL I'm getting a macbook pro soon cuz I is getting moneyz :)
EdwardProductions's avatar
Couldn't afford one so I got an iMac G4 and an iPod touch instead
maxjohnson's avatar
Can I use this in my personal site just to show my walls? I mean just to show it in a MacBook, I'll credit you.
CE0311's avatar
Yepp, just give credit and it should be ok... :P
msoldeviantart's avatar
This is the best Icon I have ever seen. :Overwhelmed:
I got a Macbook Pro and I'm gonna download this :D
ReiterMarkus's avatar
wow nice, i've got a vector graphic of it: [link]

could you upload the template if you have one? plz
i want to have most of all perspectives of it
CE0311's avatar
Die PSD ist eh nicht besonders aufschlussreich... außerdem verteile ich die PSD nicht einfach so... Es wird so schon viel zu viel geklaut! :/
ReiterMarkus's avatar
dann muss ich es eben "abpausen", :)
im wondering if i could use this icon on my website? im doing a campaign to donate to me for a MBP and this icon would look PERFECT on the website!
very nice.
your topics in my blog site [link]
if its posible to publish i will is that any problem about this stuation ?
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