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After a year of inactivity in the cards of Dragon Ball,I have decided to continue with my project of these:
DB Devil Man by cdzdbzGOKUDBZ Master Korin by cdzdbzGOKUDBCU Captain Ginyu by cdzdbzGOKUDBZ Yamcha CS by cdzdbzGOKUDBZ Videl by cdzdbzGOKU

MDBZ Hatchiyack OVA GAIDEN by cdzdbzGOKU   Red Dragon And Goku SSJ DBGT by cdzdbzGOKU
                                                                     Card DBGT New Design

How with cards box (characters half body)

Dragon Ball GT : Cards Red Dragons (Gods) and Cards Black Dragons (Bads)

2 New Stlyes Cards by cdzdbzGOKU


DB Hasky by cdzdbzGOKU
DBZ Master Korin by cdzdbzGOKU
DBZ Frieza 3 V7 by cdzdbzGOKU
DBZ King Cold V3 by cdzdbzGOKU

DBZ Super Buu 0 by cdzdbzGOKU
MDBZ Sorbet by cdzdbzGOKU
DBGT Goku V2 by cdzdbzGOKU


Restorations of Scenes
                                                  Scene Asgard 4 by cdzdbzGOKU

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Scene Saint Seiya Movie 1 by cdzdbzGOKU
Scene CDZ Sea Dragon. by cdzdbzGOKU
Argol Scene Sanctuary 2 by cdzdbzGOKU

BG HQ 1 by cdzdbzGOKU

CHAT of DBCU[link]

Yes,the author is the sole author of his creation.Therefore,you have no right to claim their authorship,but if what we have created.

DBCU Bills New Card DBZ by cdzdbzGOKU

DBCU Bills V2 by cdzdbzGOKU

DBCU Whis by cdzdbzGOKU

Character of the Day


DBCU Son Para by cdzdbzGOKU

Greetings to all, in these days I've been rather inactive not putting new characters, in that time my team and I were discussing the design of the new dragon ball z cards and also the movies Dragon ball , by which all voted for a design, which are public in my Gallery was chosen.

This card represents the Frieza saga including the sayans where Goku arrives on the planet Yadrat and Garlick.

      DBCU Iru by cdzdbzGOKU


This is the saga Cell which also includes androids and the other world tournament.

DBCU Cyborg 18 by cdzdbzGOKU


This saga Majin Buu in general until the final chapters of Dragon Ball Z.
DBCU Super Buu Absorbed Piccolo by cdzdbzGOKU
Good, simple background. These will not have the bottom of their respective places.

Dragon Ball ,Z Movies.

This card will be that represent all the movies of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and GT. At the moment I don't with characters from Dragon Ball. Here I show all DBZ films on both sides we see small images of the DBZ films, in Dragon Ball will be the same and in the film of GT only that film that we all know, showing Goku Jr.
DBCU Bills V3 by cdzdbzGOKU
Dragon Ball GT card, will have a single design for all sagas in general, design that I've been doing it for a year and in this same year the dare to know soon. As for the Dragon Ball GT NEW, have not forgotten what I'm into that.


All the fans of Dragon Ball,if they didn't like much Dragon Ball GT,i notice that I will begin to created some existing characters.Dragon Ball GT is na new version that will have more characters and more holdings of the z warriors,transforms, powerful enemies.More than anything else to make broader GT.The logo does not change, history will begin to write based on the original,but with more things.
My characters that i will begin to make imaging are:

Pan ( SSJ )
Omega Cell Perfect--------------------------in process.
Mercury Frieza
Super Cyborg 18 & 16
Baby Vegeta (SSJ3 & 4)
Turles ( SSJ)
Bra (Warrior GT)
Tien Shin Han & Chaos
Uub ( uubcule)
Nappa ( Warrior GT )
Raditz ( SS4 )
Goku Jr Adult
Vegeta Jr Adult


I Don't give renders for private message.

Many people are asking me to pass them renders messages privately, so I ask please to all those people to wait to packages of characters and 3 packs renders on the internet packages are circulating, there can download them. Here is the links:
200 renders " DBCU 200 Renders Dragon Ball "
30 renders " Pack's 30 Renders Dragon Ball "
Dragon Ball Z Movie : Battle of gods " Pack Battle of Gods "

Ceased to make art of Dragon Ball for an indefinite period of time in Deviant Art.Follow me in my group,here link:
:iconfbcenterplz:Dragon Ball : Universal Collection
It causes reason or problem, none unless it is by DBCproject jajaja, no nothing from that threat.
Simply  does art of other animes in special my favorite Saint Seiya.

I have decided to remove the pack of DBCU,to give step to the PNG individual characters,how here:
DBCU Kid Buu V2 Render by cdzdbzGOKU
This does not mean that you leave the card format,i have returned to put funds,now in its new format,FLASH CARD (Dragon Ball ,Z and GT).
DBCU has many surprises more,in addition to the new cards.
The Best Anime Artist en DA

Dragon Ball Artist en DA

Greetings, you know of other good artists Dragon Ball in Deviant Art:
Soon Saint Seiya,Pokemon and Marvel & Games
New Cards Dragon Ball Z 2013
Dragon Ball Z
DBCU Super Buu Absorbed Gohan by cdzdbzGOKU
Dragon Ball GT Design Temporally
New Card DBCU GT by cdzdbzGOKU

This year we returned with :characters,funds although treaties image,objects,etc.,Our goal is not to have a thousand of each character, our goal is to bring together all the characters.
People who can put color to line arts dragoon ball, send a MP.We do not want line arts, only that you put color to our line arts.

Thank You.

My team and I, we are designing new cards to Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT,new positions and characters box.And for the first week of December the pack number of characters without confirm,until further notice.
My thanks to SolidSayan
That came into my draft characters of dragon ball and donated some renders.

We will continue putting new things.

1.-Choose a number from 2 to 10.
2.-Deduct 2
3.-Add 3
4.-Deduct 1
5.-Add 4
6.-Add 2

The result that exit is the character that is you.
6.GOKU    7.-GOHAN  8.-MILK  9.-BULMA  10.-VEGETA
14.-VEGETTO 15.-PICCOLO 16.-A-18


Dragon Ball Items

Dragon Ball Heroes

Now also in facebook : Dragon Ball : Collection Universal