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In a cage of his own creation, strapped to a chair. His heart is in the middle of the room, on a white table. The boy lifts his shirt to reveal a gaping black hole where is heart should be. “Can I have my heart back?”  the boy pled to an empty room.


The door opens, causing the boy to jump. It’s a man that seems familiar, as familiar as death. The man walks over, his fancy leather shoes making a CLICK CLICK sound as they hit the cold floor. He kneels in front of the boy, his breath smells of booze. He smiles a sinister smile.  He ruffles the boy’s hair. “It’ll be ‘aright pal.” The boy can feel the warmth off the man’s hand. The boy yearns for that warmth. The warmth that comes from love. But then his expression changes, he ruffles his hair harder until it feels like he is crushing the boy’s skull. The boy screams in pain and the man stops. He looks at the boy. Bloody eyes, they stare into his soul. The boy feels uneasy. Then the man walks over to the boy’s heart. He takes a dagger out of his pocket and plunges into the heart. Only the small handle is visible, the whole blade is inserted. The boy winces in pain. Why did you do that?  “Can I please have my heart back?


A small, chubby woman rushes in, anger painted on her face like a canvas. She clutches a notebook in her hand. The boy recognises it immediately. He had a wild imagination when he was younger. He wrote down characters he came up with. Until the teacher took it. “Alex! Stop being so strange and then maybe the other kids would like you!” She screams, making Alex shake. She walks over to the heart and plunges another dagger into it. “Filthy brat,” she mutters. She walks out and 29 people, kids, denizens walk in. They plunge their own daggers into his heart. Alex screams in soul-crushing pain. He struggles for air. Another girl comes through the door. Alex holds his breath. She takes a dagger out of her jumper pocket. Alex knows her. She was his friend…but not anymore. She hesitates, the dagger shaking in her hand.  “C’mon, if you don’t do it you’re not part of our group!” She glances over to the boy. A single tear escapes her broken eyes. She sticks the dagger into the heart. She gasps as if she is frightened at what she just did. Frightened of herself. They all walk out. “I want my heart back,” Alex says, although it was no more than a squeak.


A girl walks in. She is wearing Pyjamas and has a laptop in her arms. In the other hand, a webcam. Alex used to video call her. They dated each other a while back but then he moved away. She didn’t take it well.  She looks confused, like bass in a seafood restaurant, waiting to be slaughtered. “Cat, you had an accident,” he states, his hands are sweaty. “Do you know who I am?” The girl scratches her head. “I know of you,” she tells him. Alex breathes a sigh of relief. “You were someone that hurt me,” she croaks. Her voice cracks like she’s about to cry. She takes a deep breath.  A single tear falls. It lands at his feet. “You chose England over me,” she walks over to his heart. Her body shaking, a red face. Alex’s blood boils. She takes out a dagger. Alex screams before it’s inserted. He doesn’t want to feel that pain again. But she does it anyway. “I’m glad I forgot you, and all the moments we spent together,” she barks, she sticks two more daggers into his heart. Alex struggles to breath, he feels like his lungs have contracted. He curls his toes and grits his teeth. “I hate you,” she growls, she takes another stab at his heart and walks out. Alex cries after her but she isn’t listening. To Cat, Alex doesn’t exist. “I want my heart back, it’s mine. I need it. Can you please give me it back?” Alex’s voice cracks at the end, he struggles to hold in the tears. His eye sack burns. There’s a boulder in his throat. 


Alex’s head is buried into his hands. He is free from his chair but doesn’t dare move. He glances up for a moment, his eyes meet on a girl. Long blonde hair and brown eyes that remind Alex of his favourite chocolates. He misses the way they melted in his mouth. He feels nothing but pain now. Nothing is as exciting as it once was.  She brushes her hand off his chin, making him look at her. Her smile lights Alex up inside. She laughs, Alex has no idea why, but he doesn’t care. He can listen to that laugh all day. It gives him a warm feeling in his chest. She takes a syringe out of her handbag and throws it to one side. The syringe holds a green liquid, he has no idea what It is. But there’ s no uneasy feeling, because he trusts her. He trusts her with all his heart. With all his mind. She sticks the syringe into his heart. It feels like a tooth pick being inserted into his skin. It doesn’t hurt that much.  She speaks to him, her voice like honey. Alex loves that voice, it puts him at ease. He notices in the background that the green liquid is being inserted into his heart. But he doesn’t care. She continues to speak, Alex smiles a genuine smile. His mask is off. He can be comfortable with her, he feels safe with her. She hugs him, her around his neck like a scarf. It gives him that warmth he longs for. That warmth that comes from love. But then her grip tightens. Contracting his neck. She is hugging him like a cobra. She lets go and heads over to the heart. The green liquid is gone from the syringe and is in his heart. The liquid is harder now. It slithers around the heart and grows. It acts like vines, it grows from floor to ceiling, It reaches him and slips into his arm. He gawks at his arm in horror. His veins are green.


She knows what he’ s feeling. She knows what he’s thinking. She has poisoned him with manipulation. Alex stares at his veins.  His stupid, dirty veins. The girl laughs. Her laugh is warped. There is no more warm feeling. She is a murderer, she killed the girl she used to be. She takes a cleaver and strikes his heart. His heart breaks into a million pieces. Red is painted on the walls. “Why did you do this me?” The girl walks out the room in hysterics. Alex gets on his knees. His lips begin to tremble, tears gather quickly. They fall in an instant, his cheeks burn. He hugs himself and rocks back and forth. He tries to keep it in and be quiet, but it hurts too much. He lets out a yelp. His throat closes until he lets out a scream. Tears fall like waterfalls, in a mixture of cries and screams. 


He is on his knees as he picks up the pieces. 


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