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Pixie Ranger Lust and the LU5T

By CDRudd
Since I drew Lust as a Pixie Ranger. I Figured I'll try the colour scheme for her ship, the LU5T.

Lust from Pip's SinComics ( or

Lust without the LU5T,
Pixie Ranger Lust by CDRudd

Other Pixie Ranger Ships

Bay with the BA4 Pixie Ranger Bay - BA4 by CDRudd
Honey with the H0N3Y Pixie Ranger Honey - H0N3Y by CDRudd
Chrissie with the CHR1551E Pixie Ranger Chrissie - CHR1551E by CDRudd
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Ahhh! Why didn't you tell me about this! This is so keen! I had to actually check my DA messages to stumble upon this and it's so neat!

Thanks, CD!

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You missed a couple Pixie Lust Cameos

Pixie Ranger Lust


Pixie Rangers 30

Pixie Ranger Series is here (