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Jeannie and Jean



Back in 2009, I made a quickie comic. A comic about a guy who gets TG'd into a Genie who looks very similar to the TV show Jeannie. I called it, "I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle". It was a quickly made comic, and when done was published it on DA

I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle by CDRudd
It was very well received, so I decided to make another, then another I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle 2 by CDRudd, and another I Dream of a Jeanie Bottle - 3 by CDRudd... Soon without ever planning on it, "I Dream of a Jeanie bottle" became another webcomic, moving from being published on DA to it's own website (, and later

Since then we've added, 3 Genies to the cast, crossovers with other classic TV show themes, over 300 comics, a spin off comic series and an awesome fan base.

But if you go back to the first comic. Jean's look evolve, but at the same time, when you compare side by side with Barbara Eden's Jeannie. Jean was never quite the same.

Recently a fan in Australia attending a local convention, offered to have Barbara Eden to sign a piece. I decided to make a Barbara Eden worthy pic that would show the classic TV Jeannie (in my art style), vs the webcomic Jean. So you could see the differences and the fact Jeannie and Jean appearances are alike, but also so so different.

I hope Barbara Eden likes it.
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Good fictional Djinn mythology.