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Genie contest Entries

By CDRudd
For deciding whom to pick for the Genie Contest, I drew a number of the contestant entries to help decide based on how they may look in the comic style.

Not all the entries are drawn here, but all of them were drawn. Sadly I don't have the last sheet with the last of the drawings on it.
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Every flavor of "DAYUM" with a big side-order of "Awwwwright!" :P
Levia-the-Dragon's avatar
Looks like an interesting and genuinely varied selection all told.
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Agent505's avatar
May not have won, but its cool to see Sheila made it this far.
CDRudd's avatar
Sorry ya didn't win.
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Animefan-279's avatar
Wish I could of seen mine. Oh well.
CDRudd's avatar
I'll see if I can find that last sheet.
Shidyk's avatar
Neat. You really brought out their style. :D
capricornamy's avatar
Congragulations to the winner!
Rhys1010's avatar
aw, they are cute.
TheDarkNeon's avatar
Awesome!! Mine's first in line!! She looks awesome!!
CDRudd's avatar
Glad ya liked her remake.
TheDarkNeon's avatar
well styles are a great way to show our personas. like mine is different from yours but that's ok, cause the idea is to put your touch on it! ^^ One of the great aspects of being an artist!
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