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Dukes of Hazzard themed Jeanie wallpaper

By CDRudd
Someone suggested a Dukes of Hazzard theme Jeanie cross over.

So I thought I'd try drawing this. Attempted a new technique too.
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liked this crossover hope to see more
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There is more on
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Perspective is like those ads from the 50's or 60's, where all the cars were made long and low. Hilariously spoofed by the National Lampoon in a series of "Bulgemobile" features.
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Very nice image!
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it would take Jeannie to save the confederate flag.
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with all the Coke Nascar talk of banning the confederate flag  glad to see Duke of Hazzard fan standing his ground.   Reminds me that I have to check the TV listings to see if it true that Dukes of Hazzard show been removed from TV or not.
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It's a fun image.   I wish the Charleston murderer had been shot by one of his victims instead of setting the people of the United States at each other's throats.  He may be getting his wish for conflict after all.
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Silly. I like it though. ^^
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Your Banned! The WHOLE dang system is BANNED! Infact the WHOLE dang WORLD IS BANNED!
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Like the look.
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I like the painterly style to the look, nicely done. 
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Jeanie as Daisy is a great idea.  She looks extra-curvy here, perhaps because of those long straight lines of the Dodge Charger.
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With all the stuff surrounding the Confederate flag it's unfortunate that you do this crossover now. :(
coredumperror's avatar
This crossover's been in the works since early last year, so there's nothing CD really could have done about it. Just bad timing on the (well deserved and long awaited) backlash against the Confederate Flag.
Angela999's avatar
I know he's wanted to do it for a while. As you said, bad timing.
Ty294's avatar
Was gonna say.

Though really, the whole thing with the Confederate flag is overblown. People just wanna take out their anger and sadness on something, so they're targeting a symbol.

Also, CD is Canadian, so maybe he hasn't had to deal with all the nonsense that's going on here in the States.
Angela999's avatar
You say overblown, I say overdue. But hey, if you want to respect a symbol of traitors and losers, you are certainly free to do so. ;)
Darththeo's avatar
It is overblown.   But, it is also stupid people think people shouldn't be bothered by it.
Ty294's avatar
True, though it stands for more than just one thing. A lot of people will associate it only with racism, but I tend to associate it more with rebelliousness and states rights.

If you really think about it, the American Civil War was a case of Northern Imperialism against the South that had seceded and was a sovereign nation. Then the North invaded the CSA and utterly destroyed it, leaving it the impoverished mess it is today.

For the record, I'm from Minnesota so I've always been a Northerner. And I don't actually like the South one bit. But I do sympathize with regional/state pride thing. Also I have a tendency to play devil's advocate a lot, so there's that too.
Darththeo's avatar
That isn't remotely factual.   

Do you even know how the civil war started?   The South fired the first shots when the US military wouldn't turn over a fort they didn't have to.   Fort Sumter was US government property, no the property of the State of South Carolina.    The North invaded after it seemed the South didn't just want to go on their merry way.   The North almost gave up the war until a little battle known as Gettysburg where the South invaded the North.    I am sorry, but whoever taught you Civil War history was a Southern Revisionist, not a Historian.
Ty294's avatar
My civil war history knowledge is kind of patchy as I never had a class in the subject. I mostly read WWII history. My understanding generally has been that yes, the South fired the first shots, but then the North marched in and invaded the South after that. But as I said, my knowledge is patchwork since I basically have read about several of individual battles, but without a clear timeline of events. So, I'll admit my own fault that I'm not as educated in the matter as I maybe should be. Foreign wars have always interested me considerably more.
Darththeo's avatar
So, the South declared war on the North and the North responded by invading.  
The South could have won the War as the North was going against continuing the war.
However, the South then invaded the North which reinvigorated the North's motives in the war.
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