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David and Ethan Kiss Commission

A commission request.

Wanted to see David and Ethan kissing from this scene,
Pixie Rangers # 07 by CDRudd
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.........Starting to think who ever redesigned the Jeffries tubes to be small, cramped, and requiring you to crawl on all fours to traverse them had this in mind.
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And then they fried themselves on a loose wire.

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Ethen really getting into the part of a pixie ranger

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Oy! Jerrfries tubes aren't for making out! They are there to hide from aliens, radiation leaks, chase down escaped laboratory creatures, escort a group of annoying children through while the ship has been knocked out by an EM storm and yes occasionally they are used to actually repair the ship, but that's it! >.< **Totally not jealous that he mostly lives in the Star Wars universe where such things don't occur in Jeffries Tubes as we don't have 'em**

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It's quite cramped there in the Jiffy Tubes . . .

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It seems she likes him.

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Oh my. They really should repair the oxygen thing first

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