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Characters Group The 'ko Sisters

The 'ko Sisters,

Seko, Neko and Kinko.
Also Katy and Robert the Intern (Who are technically not Ko Sisters, but part of the same storyline)

A little bit bout these characters,

Seko: Eldest sister. Lives in Africa and likes to adventure. If she's not risking her life, she isn't happy. She runs a small adventure/thrill business to help fuel her adventurous side.
Kinko : Middle 'ko Sister. She like to make money. Usually by Con jobs or less then honist ways of getting it.
Neko : Youngest 'ko Sister. She manages the studio, and makes the coffee.
Robert aka Steve aka Intern : Neko's Intern. He does the stuff Neko tells him to do.
Katy : Seko/Kinko/Neko's cousin. She is often on the wrong side of the law, petty thief, illegal cat-nip, and so forth. She is currently under house arrest. She is only allowed at Neko's apartment and the Studio, where 'She works'. She is Robert's the Intern's assistant. She DOESN'T do anything Robert tells her to do. She basically likes to torment Robert.
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Yay, there's me! But... omg my wallet's gone?!
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A fun bunch. Katy and Robert's interactions are amusing. I'd like to know more about Neko -- she intrigues me. Cute too.