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This has been an image I've been working on for a couple weeks, and almost every stream during that time frame. It's all the major characters in all my webcomics., Jeanie Bottle, 'Ko Sisters (fillers in and the upcoming Wolfpac Comic

Left to Right:

Trav, Berry, Heather, Brady (Carrying Teri and Ams) Auction Guy, Bay, Crystal, Ethan, Honey, Seko, Neko, Kinko, Katy, Robert (the Intern), Belle, Jean AKA Jeanie, Neil, Araceli, Lord Guano, Simon, Waya, Adam, and Kira.

I'll be breaking the image down into each webcomic, so you can see the image without needing an extra wide screen.

Thanks to :iconcoredumperror: for checking the colours.
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What about Roger and caley?
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They are unfortunately just a smidge too "minor" to afford a spot in the character group. Though admittedly, this was made before the current storyline that features Rodge so prominently, so perhaps CDRudd would have considered including him and Caley if he'd made this today.
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Its first when you see them all together you realize how diverse your repetoire er :-)
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The only person I think that is left out would be Rodge from IDoaGB
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coredumperror's avatar
Yay it's up! So glad to see all that editing come to fruition!
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This is impressive, all right. 
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Heh, fairly extensive cast of characters, though I suppose that's inevitable when you have multiple webcomics running simultaneously. =P
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