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Game of Thrones tribute

A tribute to one of the best serie I've seen these last 20 years !!
Painted in photoshop CS6.

Ned Stark : [link]
Bloody sword: [link]
Wolf: [link] by itsdura : [link]
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Are you using topaz labs for this one?
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No, I don't use topaz lab at all. All is made in Photoshop (cs5 for this one).
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I mean the plugin to get that "Cartoon" or almost plastic effect to completely blend it? It looks similar, not sure if that was the right filter.
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I didn't know this plug in.
The only filter used here is the basic filter from photoshop (oil painting effect ? not sure of the name because I have a french version of photoshop).
Anyway, I've used it three times in this work. Initially modeled after the original image, and then after repainting the whole and finally for the finishing touch.
This work have 85 layers to reach this effect. Most of them
used for coloring and contours.
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It is the same, I don't have it unfortunately (when I did, my graphics card apparently wasn't sufficient enough for this effect. Aha.)

Great work though!
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Wow...The throne and the crow looks like they're encased or made of ice. Is that what you meant to make it look like? Or is it some other material? I love deh fox! 8D (I think that's a fox at least...I don't watch the show)
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thank you very much for your comment, and sorry for this late answer...
I've been very busy these last times....

I didn't really try to reach an ice effect on this piece.
The oil painting filter is the main responsible of this I guess.
But I agree, it's a very nice effect.

And no, it's not a fox, but a wolf (in reference to the giant wolves in the movie...)
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Oh, so it's a wolf? Ah hahaha, well, it's really beautiful either way (^_^) 
Sad, though, that there aren't any more comments since the last time I visited here. I really expected more...
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