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Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, and the soul is the piano with many strings.
The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.

- W. Kandinsky


Underwater Explosion by Limited-Vision-Stock
Beelzebub Grunge by PaulineMossPound of flesh by Stock7000Texture 599 by Sirius-sdz
Digital Art Texture 122 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 140 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 124 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 97 by mercurycode Continents of Rust by mercurycode Bloodbath Texture 2 by AshenSorrow
Light texture 10 by mercurycode
Mephisto Texture by CD-STOCKDigital Art Texture 37 by mercurycodeGothic Threads by PaulineMoss
Texture 7 by CD-STOCK Gore by TooMuchFilth-stock Textures 4240 by fa-stock
Texture Stock 4 by JS-Studio
Texture 479 by Sirius-sdz Texture 403 by Sirius-sdz Texture 411 by Sirius-sdz Texture 374 by Sirius-sdz Texture 355 by Sirius-sdz W-out freetextures 33 ' kick it! ' by W-out
Texture 97 by Sisterslaughter165 Texture 83 by Sisterslaughter165Ang 1 by insaine TinFoilPaper and Paper Together 1 by Black-B-o-x Texture 52 by Sisterslaughter165
Red Cracked Yogurt by Black-B-o-x

"Art is a passion or it is nothing".

- R. Fry


Texture 5 by Octo-pus
Texture 520 by Sirius-sdz Texture 127 by cloaks Digital Art Texture 64 by mercurycode Texture 551 by Sirius-sdz Digital Art Texture 93 by mercurycode
texture 55 love purple by i-see-faces117 by Infrablack-stock
Abstract Acrylic Forest by boldfrontiers Frozen by mercurycode Digital art texture 28 by mercurycode Texture 437 by Sirius-sdz

Spiritchaser by CD-STOCK Magic Is Everywhere by CD-STOCKPurple Dust by CD-STOCK
59 by Infrablack-stockRuffle 1 Texture Vampstock by VAMPSTOCKAmethyst Coloured Rock by PaulineMoss
55 by Infrablack-stock Texture 513 by Sirius-sdz Texture 129 by cloaks Texture 474 by Sirius-sdz
Ice 012 by danf83stock Ice 014 by danf83stock Ice 011 by danf83stock
Purple Leather Vampstock by VAMPSTOCK
Clear Eye Clouded Mind by CD-STOCK December Texture by CD-STOCK The Doors Of Perception 05 by CD-STOCK
Like Violence ... Texture by SisstreDaethe Texture 122 by cloaks Berry Rush ... Texture by SisstreDaethe Suffragette by CD-STOCK Splatter by darkrose42-stock
012 by DadiLightsunique snowflake in a bunch of freshly fallen snow by Hermit-stock Texture Digital 009 by amethystmstock
Textures - March by So-ghislaine

 "The world becomes fresh and hopeful and new, when we create." 

- L. Lehmann


Gold texture by almudena-stock
Quarry Texture 1 by jojo22 Rusty Blue by Izzie-Hill Paper and Object 25 by Tackon Canoe Grunge - HDR by boldfrontiers Abstract Acrylic Organism - Exclusive Texture by boldfrontiers 1887 by ooc-sdz
Weathered Paper 16 by DanteSangreal Baked Turkey Skin Texture by FantasyStock Texture 119 by cloaks<da:thumb id="328297782"/> Fabric Texture 1124 by zummerfish by zummerfish
Weathered Paper 11 by DanteSangreal Texture: Watercolor 2 by somnia-stock Texture: Watercolor 1 by somnia-stock Weathered Paper 10 by DanteSangreal
Texture Your World - Composite Paper by Spiteful-Pie-Stock

Wet Gold Paint by PaulineMoss Metallic Sun Shine Gold Sheet by Enchantedgal-StockWitch Ways by PaulineMoss
Lugubrum-stock testure 12 by lugubrum-stock Texture 64 by Malleni-Stock 28 by Infrablack-stock Texture II by YBsilon-Stock Texture by Malleni-Stock
Green Copper n Gold Metal Leaf by Enchantedgal-Stock Water Droplets Texture by mercurycode Mutation by PaulineMoss Hubble-Like Image 5903 by DonnaMarie113
Rusty and Cracking 02 by Limited-Vision-Stock Rusty EVIL by Limited-Vision-Stock Rusty and Cracking 01 by Limited-Vision-Stock
Texture 320 by Sirius-sdz Digital Art Texture 107 by mercurycode Digital Art Texture 131 by mercurycode Nuwa Texture by CD-STOCK
Texture 103 2000 X 2000 by FrostBo August Texture by CD-STOCK She's A Rainbow by CD-STOCK
Petrified Wood Preview by kuschelirmel-stockCracks Are Bleeding by Limited-Vision-StockTexture Stock 459 by redwolf518stock

Cracked Yogurt Brakes Onion 1 by Black-B-o-xMixed Yogurt Texture 2 by Black-B-o-x
Stock Texture - Melon by rockgem
Peeling white paint 4 by enframedBark Texture 01 by ALP-Stock277 - tinned fish pack by duesterheit

Free Spirit Texture by CD-STOCK Dried Bindweed Flower ii by struckdumb 264 by DadiLights Painted Texture 2 by ArrsistableStock<da:thumb id="147226699"/>
Texture Stock 433 by redwolf518stockHoney Texture by CD-STOCK
Digital Art Texture 125 by mercurycode

painted textures vol. 13 by dholms

Always read terms and conditions on how you may use the stock and credit the stock providers.

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Glad you like it! Thank you ♥
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Such fascinating pieces!
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Glad you like it!
Limited-Vision-Stock's avatar
Oops ... sorry, I have been away for a very long time ... I just noticed it now ... 
Thank ou very much for the feature :D
CD-STOCK's avatar
So very welcome ^^
Hope you are well!
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thank you :love: this feature is wonderful!
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Very welcome! Glad you liked it :hug:
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I know this is really late, but I wanted to say thank you for including me in this feature. I'm impressed with how you have it organized and the selection is beautiful :heart:
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You are more than welcome, Michelle :heart:
Thank you for the compliment :hug:
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Thanks for the feature, awesome!
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My pleasure ~♥~
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Thanks for the features!
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My pleasure ~♥~
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This is amazing through and through! thank you so much for including my stuff here :love:
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My pleasure ~♥~
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:D thank you - it's an honor :D
CD-STOCK's avatar
My pleasure ~♥~
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Danke liebes für dieses wunderschöne Feature, habe die Zusammenstellung soeben bewundert und das Zusammenspiel der Farben, hast Du toll zusammengestellt :iconsquishhugplz:
CD-STOCK's avatar
Freut mich, dass es dir gefällt, meine Liebe ~♥~
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Thanks for the feature, this is an amazing group of textures! Props to everyone!
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My pleasure ~♥~
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Thanks 4 sharing 
It's a wonderful collection
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