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Deviation Actions

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By downloading CD-STOCK images you agree to be bound by the terms of this agreement.

If you do not agree with these terms, you are not allowed to download.

My stocks are for active Deviant Members Only! 
Which means you must have an Art Gallery with your artwork here on DeviantArt.

:bulletred: You are required to CREDIT me, linking back to my account via my avatar or username :bulletred:
FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites?
Don't forget that DA requires you to credit all stock and resources you use in your work.

:bulletred: Credit me. Link back. Notify me of use :bulletred:
I always love to see my stock-images and textures used in your finished product & I want to +fav your work.

:bulletred: Leave me a comment on my page or on the stock used with a link to your work :bulletred:

:bulletred: Do NOT steal CD-STOCK images and do NOT claim them as your own :bulletred:

 No wallpapers with my stock!

You may use CD-STOCK photos for YOUR ART ONLY.

:bulletred: Do NOT upload my raw stock anywhere :bulletred:
CD-STOCK images and textures may NOT be shared, redistributed online or otherwise, or re-sold 'as-is'.
This includes reposting it in websites like pinterest, tumblr, flickr, facebook, desktop nexus, wallpapers.com., photobucket, myspace, blogs, etc.

:bulletred: Redistribution is strictly prohibited :bulletred:

and especially so if you are trying to make money with something you have not created yourself.

:bulletred: Do NOT submit CD-STOCK images under Photography Category :bulletred:

All stock photos on this account belong to me.

You may use CD-STOCK stock images for prints but not as a photography itself.

CD-STOCK photos are copyrighted.

:bulletred:  Do NOT use CD-STOCK images with celebrity or copyrighted images :bulletred:

Celebrity images are not stock and GOOGLE is NOT a valid stock resource.

:bulletred: Do NOT use CD-STOCK images to make other stock :bulletred:
No brushes, no pre-cut /png images, no premade backgrounds, no photoshop actions, etc.

You cannot post them as if they were your own on other websites,
you cannot redistribute them in Stock Packs & you cannot redistribute them via a layer in a PSD file.

:bulletred: Do NOT use CD-STOCK photos if you're only going to do minor changes  :bulletred:

like changing hue/saturation, texture overlay, or only put a border around the picture, etc.
My pictures can not be published in their original form.

You would have to edit, draw, paint or do your work in photoshop, in an artistic kind of manner.
:bulletred: Create something new :bulletred:

:bulletred: You may post YOUR artwork on any website you like :bulletred:
providing clear CREDIT for stock is given underneath the artwork, with a link back to my gallery.

You may NOT use CD-STOCK images :
:bulletred: for pornographic, unlawful or other immoral purposes.
:bulletred: for spreading hate or discrimination, or to defame or victimize societies of people,

or cultures around the world.

My stock is NOT to be used in any deviation that is a hate work against women,

or against any human being, race, sexual orientation or cultural differences.

:bulletred: My stock can be used for personal and commercial projects :bulletred:
but it cannot be redistributed as stock.
Always inform me about commercial use.

Feel free to sell YOUR work containing my stock.

It's your hard work and creativity; you deserve the right to sell it.

If you cannot follow the TOU (including notifying me via note or comment), don't use CD-STOCK images.

Almost all of CD-STOCK resources are free for personal and commercial use. 
I put a lot of time and energy into creating them.

Please support CD-STOCK by making a :points: donation

:bulletred: Be creative & have fun :bulletred:

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

All the materials in CD-STOCK Gallery may not be reproduced, copied, tubed, published, transmitted

or uploaded in any way or form without my prior written permission.

:bulletred: FAQ #81: How can I create links to other deviants, deviations, or websites? :bulletred:

:bulletred: FAQ #193: How do I prove that I had permission to use someone's work? :bulletred:

:bulletred: FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions? :bulletred:

:bulletred: FAQ #306: Does "Crediting" let me use whatever I want? :bulletred:




- Nennung der Quelle und des Urhebers
Wenn Ihr ein Stockbild nutzt, müsst ihr den Autoren angeben.
Wer euch kostenlos Bilder zur Verfügung stellt, sollte auch gewürdigt werden.
Das genutzte Bild immer verlinken.
Dies gilt auch für Fotos, an denen du Lizenzen erworben hast oder die unter der Creative-Commons-Lizenz stehen.
Fehlt dieser Verweis, kann dies einen Grund für eine Abmahnung darstellen.

Vor allem Fotos, die kostenfrei für die kommerzielle Nutzung angeboten werden,
fordern die Quellenangabe des Fotografen bei der Veröffentlichung. 
Der Name des Autors (Fotografen) muss direkt unter dem Bild genannt werden
(und/oder der Name des jeweiligen Anbieters).

 Informiere dich immer über die Nutzungs- und Lizenzbedingungen.
Manche Fotos sind für kommerzielle Nutzung oder in hoher Auflösung kostenpflichtig.
Oder die Nutzung ist kostenlos, aber im Gegenzug muss der Fotograf genannt werden.

Das Kopieren und Verwenden von Bildern aus der Google-Bildersuche ist nicht erlaubt.

"The world becomes fresh and hopeful and new, when we create."
- Lynda Lehmann

This Journal Skin was designed by Nobody

© 2013 - 2021 CD-STOCK
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Chocorabitsu's avatar
Hello! Would be okay to use one of your stock images as a background on a profile sheet? It's meant to be for a roleplaying group, which means every member that will draw their character will be using said profile sheet (something like this Prototipo Ficha Copia, picture an image in the background) and they will upload it to their gallery. Of course I would credit you on the blank sheet.
Just wondered if that kind of use would be okay :) I hope I explained myself correctly!
IttyBittyQuizzy's avatar
I want to commission someone to make a journal skin and a dA custom page box for Core members, and I need a pre-made background. May I use your stock for this? I'd make sure to link a copy of your TOU for them to read and proper credit would be given. If not, it's okay.
Roseaic's avatar
Does this mean you allow photo manipulations of your stock  to be used on RPG forum websites with proper credit?
CD-STOCK's avatar
I allow photo manipulations that include my stock images but please tell me what is RPG forum Websites?
Notification and credit are always required.
Roseaic's avatar
Roleplaying Forums. Example would be the site I would use said photomanipulations on: caeleste-rpg.net/index.php
 Typically users on forums like this use photo manipulations in coded tables so people have a reference to what their characters look like while reading their posts. Forums like this also enforce strict rules about crediting the original creators/resources of images and if users do not follow that, the images get removed by staff themselves. 
CD-STOCK's avatar
Thank you for the explanation!
It is okay for me.
KerensaW's avatar
Hi!  If we give you credit can we use your photos in contests for Deviant Art?
CD-STOCK's avatar
Yes, you may use my stock in your art for DeviantArt photomanipulation-contests.
Credit and link back is required.
Gislaadt's avatar
YES !! This rules are cleared AND i love the big text, i do not remind where, a few minutes ago i read rules of another stock provider, the rules were too small to read, i was near a migraine, lol

have a good week !!
CD-STOCK's avatar
Thank you very much for your kind comment!
I also hate the small letters in journals or descriptions. My ability to see is it still very good but I also thinking of others (migraine :D)

Thank you! The same to you!!
yeyra's avatar
I see: "My pictures can not be published in their original form."
I cannot use your textures like this: www.fler.cz/zbozi/fraktaly-neu… or this: www.fler.cz/zbozi/nahrdelnik-g… (= paper jewelry).
Is it true?

CD-STOCK's avatar
thanks for asking and showing me. Btw. very beautiful jewelry!
It is true, you cannot use my stock images but you may use my textures.
I make an exception for you because I love what you create.
Please show me the result.
yeyra's avatar
 La la la la 
 Thank you very much! :hug:
CD-STOCK's avatar
Fiammetta62's avatar
are thirty times I read these messages to the rules personally have not used your photographs because if I did I would have written the credits there are many artists who do not do this and I bothered to read your ridiculous post keep up even your photographs there are better ones around and not overcrowded head like you do good lifeRage 
ImaraOfNeona's avatar
You do realize that they're not asking for much??Credit is one way in which we thank people for their stock, after all we are using their images. If you had a stock image and someone used without crediting and notifying you wouldn't you feel upset?I can't believe you.Disbelief 
Megan-Arts's avatar
And you are a professional artist.. for real.. in what? :laughing: If you were one, you would know how to deal with stock images!!! LOL
MdnghtDsgndStck's avatar
I find this comment rather disrespectful. if you don't use their stock, don't tell them what to post and just follow the rules of stock artists.
CD-STOCK's avatar
We (dA) urge all artists who rely upon stock or other resources to provide a link to the source in their description even if the owner's terms do not require it. This is in order to prevent any confusion or misunderstandings when using third party resources. When linking please be certain to link to the specific URL (web address) of the source material and not to the website in general.
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