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outlines from alessandra's vector...
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wow. It is cool man.
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I think this is just as cool as the filled in version! Great job, I wish I could figure out how to do these.
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Oh my fu*king god ... o.O
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So wait is this like the hard part of doing a vector?
Like you do all these outlines and then just fill them in with color?
Gosh people have so many different ways of doing things. I just take the pen tool and take off. But that probably explains why my vectors are so cheap compared to yours/
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wooah, what programme do you use to do those lines?
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WOW!!! after seeing thiss im jus amazed and realize how much more beautiful the real work is (even more dan da photograph itself)!! its beautifull..reallyy!!
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Always so cool to see the outlines. This is a gorgeous piece, and I feel like I appreciate it even more seeing the outlines.

I wonder if there might be an interesting abstract piece in taking the outlines and doing something else with them?
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how did you learn illustrator so well?? i want to but it just seems really tough, especially the blending and amazing stuff you did on the original vector of this piece.

any help is appreciated for a newb.

happy holidays.
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Você fez um ótimo trabalho! Conseguiu manter a beleza da modelo intacta ao movimentar-se da fotografia para o desenho vetorial. Excelente!
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ok well. how do u make these? is there a special thing or is it all like pen tool? plz help :(
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im experimenting with vector art. mind if i use this? :D
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Hey This Great work
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Is that her (the model's) name? The one in the image?
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Man do I love your work or what! Just got into vector art resently because of this beautiful picture. But since I'm new to this, I was wondering if you know a tutorial that makes me just as good as you at this? Or can you perhaps tell me in short, like use that tools, use these settings, use these colors, programs, get it to look like this, etc? Would really, really, extreamly really, aprichiate if you could help me with my problem of getting the skill of handeling vector art.

Please mail or what ever you like, please, I'm begging you, on my bare knees! PLEASE!

The guy kissing your shoes
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hey, man i love this and your vector-works are very good... i would like to learn this but donnow who... maybe if you want to tell the steps to make this beceause i like to learn and expiriment new things...
anyway thanx!
cheers, esli
I agree with the others, work is absolutely amazing. Must have taken alot of time and patience too I might add. You thinking of making any vector tutorials? I'm sure it would be appreciated by many.
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Oh, wow... I thought the final product was amazing, but you don't realize just how much went into it until you see this...

That's absolutely amazing
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Extremely complex layout
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looks amazing!!
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yes thanks for posting these,i am trying,unsucsefully i may add to learn illustrator,these are exellent i wish everyone did this,your vectors are totally awesome.
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i love it when you post these! thanks heaps for sharing!
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Como vc faz esse cabelo? pura paciência mesmo? ou tem alguma técnica?
cd-marcus's avatar
Opa, beleza Luiz Paulo?
Cara, é mais paciência mesmo...
pras curvaturas que são parecidas eu duplico os shapes, mas acabo sempre alterando alguma coisa em cada um... sem falar nos gradientes... praticamente cada "fio" tem um gradiente de cor e direção diferentes...

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