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outlines from adrianaLima's deviation.
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Could you make a tutorial one day? This is so incredible!
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I use corel draw but i have not seen anyone use it like this especially with a mouse. Everybody is all about the tablet and illustrator. Very wonderful rendered piece. I am tears......GOD BLESS YOU.
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Awesome, and helpful!

Agree with shoesandsocks , a tutorial from you would be Sweet !!!
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could anyone explain what this is to me? did you do this before the vexel drawing or after?
The-Loiterer's avatar
My guess would be after, but i honestly have no idea. I would simply like to know how it was possible to make a capture of the outlines like that.
shoesandsocks's avatar
could you do a tutorial? :D if you have time. it would help us beginners aka (wants to do it has no clue how er's) :D that would b SWEET! :heart: AWSOME JOB BTW!
Colour-Imagination's avatar
where how did you made that?!
wish I could make such things like that :(

artinstinxuality's avatar
WHOAH! *breathless*
bubuche93's avatar
it's just fantastic ! where did you learn that :)
XO-OrangeART's avatar
oh shoot that is unbelievable! ahhhhhhhhhhhh *stares* and then... how do u colour the individual pieces?? if you can, can you do a kind of mini step-by-step thing to show a little how u do this?? you are amazing XP
reddfoxxxfiregrrrl's avatar
HOW the hell did you do that? Besides having mass amounts of patience... That is awesome, you're like a vector god! Now, could you please bless me with HALF of your skill...

bored2death's avatar

W - O - W

That is downright amazing... How do you do it without your fingers falling off from using the computer mouse so much???
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I stand down and quit my enthusiasm right here.

Absolute perfection!
Fallen-Mind's avatar
this is AWESOME!!
I work as an Ilustrator for an Little Company.
Corel Draw has really the power to make things like that?!
Even i work with it too i cant belieave it. The deatail and the shapings of everything look very well.
Hmm when I think about my work....
Only boring Isometric stuff for an Modern Sparesparts(?? sry bad english) Catalouge.

Great thing!

Shame about me and my laziness. Couldn't stand to make things like that beside work
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u r sick! damn thats so good to be true O.o
super!!!how do you do this things in corel???are you drawing them yourself, or there is a preset to do this automaticly??/:)thanks
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Are you kidding me? How do you make so many details? I would go crazy... Are you sure you do all of this by hand? ;)
cd-marcus's avatar
patience my friend, patience...
yep, everything is made by hand, point by point. :nod:
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:O You should make tuts >.>
safe.. sick work!!
Keep it up
Rawrik's avatar
i cant convert to jpg with so many vectorpoints..

You gotta have a supercomp!
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