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Edit 11/28/2017: This tutorial is no longer being updated. I will not answer any comments or questions. No links in the tutorial will be updated. Comments on this guide are not vetted or reviewed. Follow at your own risk.

Shimeji for Mac Users Tutorial

...a compiled amount of resources in one easy-to-understand instruction packet.

Here, I will walk you step-by-step for all you Mac users to access the cute/fun world of Shimeji

without the use of Wine/Parallels Desktop or other Windows transferring programs that could slow your Mac down.

- What is Shimeji?
- Where can I download one?
- What you need to have installed already on your Mac.
- Choose your Shimeji, and download.
- Download the Shimeji Mac template.
- Transferring documents.
- Run!
- Common issues, and how you can fix them easily.
- Final Notes.


What is Shimeji?

In a nutshell, it's a desktop sitter that is fully customizable.  Each 'sitter' is often represented by an icon or character, and they usually just run around your screen, crawl up the windows, etc.  For example, you could have a Pikachu shimeji that runs around your desktop looking cute, or a Link shimeji that throws your tab windows around.  Ultimately, it depends on the script of what you've downloaded.  However, unlike your ordinary desktop sitter, shimeji multiply.  Like mushrooms. At the end of the day, you could have around 16 or 17 of the same character gamboling on your desktop.  But very fun and cute nonetheless, as you can drag them around or throw them.

Where can I download one?

Essentially, anywhere.  Since I'm strictly doing this for Mac Users only, it doesn't matter whether your character is capable of running on Mac--in fact, 97% of them don't.  However, since I'm going to walk you through how to use one that is customized for Windows on a Mac, it doesn't matter.
You can find Shimeji:
-Here on deviantART.  Search 'Shimeji' in the bar, or be specific with the character you are looking for.
-Google or any other search engine.  If it's not on deviantART, it could be on Tumblr or some other share site.
-Make your own.  There are templates available for you to make your own Shimeji for the Mac.  
You can download the template here:….*

*NOTICE! The template is no longer being maintained.  Visit:… and proceed.

I made this text larger because y'all can't read.

What you need to have Installed.

-You will need Mac OS X 10.5 to 10.8.  Older than 10.5 will not work.  To check which OS X version you have:
>Apple Icon
>'About This Mac'
>'More Info...'
> Under Software.
-The latest version of Java runtime, which you can download here:
Apple computers typically already have Java downloaded, so click 'Software Update...' under the apple icon on the top left of your desktop.

Choose your Shimeji, and download it.

Once you have found the shimeji you wish to have installed onto your desktop, download it as a .ZIP file if available.

You will be given the option of where to save it.  It doesn't matter, but I suggest keeping it under 'Applications'.

Begin download.  Once download is complete, double click onto the zipped folder to automatically unzip it's contents.  

Download the Shimeji template specifically for Mac.

The exact same contents of the shimeji you have downloaded, only that it does not have a set character, and that the script runs for Mac.


*NOTICE! The template is no longer being maintained.  Visit:… and proceed.

I made this text larger AND put it in two different places because y'all /really/ need to learn how to read.

Repeat the above steps, saving it in the same spot as the first shimeji. Unzip by double clicking the icon.

Transferring Documents

You now have two shimeji files, one containing your character specifically for Windows, the other a blank template specifically for Mac.  Here, I will go slowly step-by-step for you to merge the two documents.

1. Open your CHARACTER shimeji folder.  You will find multiple files within it.  Click the one labelled 'img', where you will then find a series of your character in multiple poses.
2. Press and hold the COMMAND key and select all of the character poses in the 'img' folder.  
3. Right click and select 'Copy [#] Items'.
4. Move to the TEMPLATE shimeji folder, and you will see that it has the exact same set up.  Click the file labelled 'img', and right-click paste.  A pop-up will show up asking you if you want to replace the items.  To save time, select the box labelled 'Apply to All' and click 'Replace'.   
5. You can now go back and DELETE the CHARACTER shimeji file, as it holds no use to us now.
6. Return back to the TEMPLATE shimeji folder.

Congratulations!  Activate it!

Begin by going to your now ONLY shimeji folder, and clicking the icon simply labelled 'Shimeji". It'll look like a pixel computer with a face on the screen.  You will be prompted with something along the lines of,
Do you want to open this program?  It's from the internet.
Click yes, and your shimeji should miraculously fall from the 'sky'.

Common Issues, Troubleshooting, etc.

My shimeji has a bizarre shadow of itself following it around!
This doesn't happen all the time--in fact, it shouldn't. But in the off chance that it does and it bothers you, you will need to install SHADOW KILLER for your Mac.  You can find the link here:… .  Install and run.  
NOTE: Shadow Killer will not only remove the shadow from the shimeji, but everything, including your windows.  While it saves data space, it makes the desktop look significantly less polished.

It won't run!
It happens.  Reinstall both the TEMPLATE shimeji and the CHARACTER shimeji of your choice, and follow the steps again. Instead of deleting the CHARACTER shimeji folder in step 5, just keep it handy.   
NOTE: Do not mess with the coding, even if you can read japanese.  It will often confuse the app and refuse to open.  

It still won't work?
Make sure that your computer meets the installation requirements mentioned earlier.  Java must also be running on 64-bit.  If your problem persists, please give a detailed account of your issue and any popups, and comment below.  

My Shimeji won't climb windows :C
- Click the apple icon in the top left-hand corner of your desktop.
- Select 'System Preferences...'
- Select 'Universal Access'
- Check the box labelled 'Enable access for assistive devices.'

How can I have more than one Shimeji?
Repeat all of the steps above.  Make sure that they are separate folders to distinguish between them.  You must activate each character separately for all of them to function at once.

The download file says that it is damaged!
Mountain Lion comes with a system called Gatekeeper, which prevents you from accidentally running harmful things; our Macs are thinking that Shimeji is dangerous.

Note that this will temporarily change your security settings, however, you may change it back later.

Click the Apple logo > System Preferences > Security and Privacy
Click the 'General' tab
'Unclick' the lock in the bottom left if it's clicked; it'll ask for your password for security's sake.
Where it says 'Allow applications downloaded from: ' click 'Anywhere'.
It'll ask you to confirm and I think it asks for your password again, in any case just go with it.
Return to the Shimeji template/whichever you're trying to run; the thing you clicked on to get the 'damaged' message > Right click it and click 'Open' > It'll ask you if you're sure; click 'Open' again.

*Thanks to Nikki-Nigel for providing this!

:new: :new: :new:"Uncaught exception in main method: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: input == null!"
If you are receiving this error, I CANNOT HELP YOU.  Your best bet is to reinstall Java, and please make sure it is set to 64 bit.  If possible, also try older versions of Java.

Ever since the recent update, the original template has NOT BEEN MAINTAINED and you have to rely on luck for it to work.  Whether or not you receive this error is because of this.

****All questions regarding this error will be ignored.  

A few final notes that'll help.

You will notice in the upper right-hand corner of your desktop that there is now a small icon of the shimeji shortcut.  Click it, and you will see a drop box of various commands in japanese.
here is what they say in order, in English, and what they do:
"Add one" - Click this and one more Shimeji will appear. The more times you click it, the more Shimejis you get.
"Come here!" - All of the Shimeji will run over to your mouse and follow it, and most likely sit and watch you guide the mouse around. They won't sit there forever, though!
"Leave one left" - If you get too many Shimeji on your screen, click this option and it will leave you with only one left.
"Bring back my IE windows!" - Sometimes a Shimeji will try to take your minimized windows away [although it doesn't happen too much]. Click this option to get it back. Take note that they won't be able to steal enlarged windows.
"Bye bye" - Click this to log it off.


Enjoy your shimeji!  You can switch shimeji characters at any time simply by following the steps above under 'Transferring Documents'.

Shimeji used to be strictly for Windows, but not anymore!  Mac users can now take part in the fun :>  

Questions?  Comments?  Concerns?  I'll be happy to try to reply or answer to the best of my ability.  

Finally, a tutorial guide for Mac Users to get their own Shimeji!

No need for downloading wine, or other windows installation programs that can cost you money, take up space, or slow down your Mac.

Through these steps, I will walk you through how to convert a Windows Shimeji to work on your Mac, and try to answer any questions you may have.

I will not answer any questions that can be answered from reading the tutorial.

If I have not answered your question, it means that your answer is already in the tutorial. 

I am not a programmer, nor did I develop the template for a Mac Shimeji. If there are issues with a shimeji's specific coding or runtime errors, I CANNOT HELP.

:new::new::new: The Mac Template is no longer being updated.  I cannot assist you if shimeji no longer functions on your updated iOS system. :new::new::new:

Check out a slightly different tutorial on how to use a shimeji on a Mac through video:
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It seems too troublesome. I found a Shimeji like product that can be used directly - Desktop Pet Engine, which can be downloaded directly through steam: