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Biome Shrine - Mini prompt


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One way I like to study and have been effective

Brushes and Tutorials

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I like them biter


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[TWWM] Bluebells

Winter has been harsh on all of us. This we know from the polar vortices freezing souls out of their homes and leaving shells behind, ghosts of apples in the trees; we know this from endless sheets of rain that do not fall as much as collapse, beating down any semblance of green stubborn enough to grow. But if you can, spare a thought for those with no homes to miss nor places to rest their weary heads. Sparrows and wrens waking up to find their tiny talons frozen to branches, rooftops, telephone poles; robins who sung too soon and dream of spring as they shiver. Alley cats fighting once fat raccoons for dumpster scraps, nothing but huge desperate eyes and yearning ribs. Dogs scared to beg lest they receive a kick or a snowball or even poisoned meat. Soon this will pass and be nothing more than an unpleasant dream where we, like those still alive from the Depression, curl up by the fire to lick our old scars when they ache and tell our wondering children. This winter was harsh. People

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Biome Shrine - Mini prompt


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C:. Ipos

Blood, gore, horror

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Monstober Day12 - Summon


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Soulsong: [Temple of Sound] Deep Insecurities


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Biome Shrine - Mini prompt


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Grey Room


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rising moon

dog-shaped critters

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Somewhere nowhere

space and spirit

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This Wasn't Supposed to Happen

marble hornets

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