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✖ TERMS OF SERVICE - read before you order! ✖ WHAT I WON'T DRAW ✖ All prices shown below are STARTING PRICES and will vary depending on complexity of scene and character(s). Numerous or complex additions/props/details and charcters with complex designs will increase the price! ✖ If you're working within a budget or would like a quote regarding a specific subject matter, please contact me and we'll work something out! ✖ If you’re interested, would like something not presented here, or have any other questions, please feel free to contact me SIMPLE CHARACTER Half body: €35 Full body: €45 Shading: +€25 Additional character: 100% of commission price Simple abstract/single color background included PAINTED SCENE One character: €90 Additional character: +€55 Includes simple scenic background. More complex background will increase the price
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TWWM: Nanashi

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Name: Nanashi Gender: female, she/her (but she won't care to correct you if you say anyting else) Size: hidden Origin: trespasser Nature: devout Biome: forest Boundary: small shrine Nature Feature: winterberry (Ilex verticillata), royal star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) Esk number: 4184 GP: here Relationships: Hou Fui - creator Personality: Was a devout buddhist back when she was still a person, on a pilgrimage through the mountains she was caught in a blizzard. She's not all too happy about being an esk and thus, immortal. How is she supposed to reach nirvana like this??? She's spent hundreds of years meditating, and possesses tremeduous spiritual insight. But she's no master yet. She's devout still, and works hard to remain humble and at peace with what she is. This is how it was supposed to be, cause it could not have gone any other way. But it does make her a little snappish. A little bit impatient.1
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Name: Tag Gender: male, he/him Size: handful Origin: trespasser Nature: petulant Biome: developed Boundary: forgotten playground Nature Feature: milk thistle (Silybum marianum) Esk number: 4100 GP: here Relationships: Dog - creator Personality: Tag is an angry little boy. Huffy, puffy, ineffectually angry and petulant like the little child he is. Ungrateful and prone to lashing out. Underneath all that rage lies a fear and a sadness that he doesn't understand, can't quite come to terms with, so he externalizes it into anger.
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Thanks very much for the watch! :highfive: bee-swarm :testdriving: 
Hi! Just stopping by to say I hope you have a wonderful birthday and year!!
Hey, thank you! c:
You're welcome! 
Läste nyligen på din besktivning av PastTrap. Vill du inte ha henne i gruppen längre?
beskrivningen på hennes gamla ref? den är extremt utdaterad, både bilden och texten; jag vill gärna att hon ska vara kvar i gruppen! also jag funderade lite på hur en skulle kunna få lite aktivitet i gruppen men det verkar inte vara det lättaste. vet du vilka som fortfarande är aktiva på dA/intresserade av sina psyraps?
Jo, det är nog hennes gammla: bloodlive-mazohyst.deviantart.…
Ok, då vet jag. Om du vill ha en ny lineart till henne så kan jag hjälpa. Har en event som går nu:… där jag gör nya nästan costom liarts till gruppmedlämmar.
Jo, samma här. Intresset överlag för Psychoraptors har sjunkit fatalt... sorlligt. D:
Av alla hundralats människor som hållt på så är nog jag den som håller på mäst nu. Både med min grupp och med :iconpsychoraptors: Jag försöker att få åtminnståne dem i vår grupp att bli lite mer intresserade. (Så kanske det sprider sig)