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Iorek Byrnison

Character  Iorek Byrnison
My interpretation of Philip Pullman's 'His Dark Materials' character Iorek Byrnison

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This is better than the series by a lot

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Are these the bears the Russians ride into battle on?

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Iorek go brrrrt


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Brilliant work ☺
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That's just how I've seen him in the book :D Amazing art, I love it :)
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Thank you so much :)

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Beautiful and I love all the details in the armor.

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Pretty random thoughts:

I imagine being on receiving end of a charge or kiting by this fellow, in the plains, with any of medieval arms and it's scaring a shit out of me. Same thing if I mull over scenarios with different terrain and forces. Difficult. But perhaps hot climates is not for this armor.

One thing that seems a bit strange though - eyes and nose are places where you can induce incredible pain for bear (and where you have pain, you have control, and where you have control, might be a tipping point of engagement). Those are spots you often want to aim for. Here nose is unguarded and eyes are somewhat exposed (also sharp points of helmet near eyes look dangerous). If he had human geometry of fighting and had a shield, reaching far beyond the head, that wouldn't be an issue, but he's a bear and his head is sticking far to the front. Any spearman would want to poke into his nose, mouth and eyes. Same for archers.

Although there are no easy answers to this angle. He need a good breathing channel and heat sink. Personally, if I'd in his place, and with how strong that neck is, I'd be thinking seriously about procuring deer's antlers and mounting them on helm, facing forward. To hell with biting if it puts you closer to cutting and stubbing metal. Ram it. And when charge is over and you are in melee, claw it.

Neck is relatively exposed for archers. Also, while having no armor at bottom is economical, it would benefit bear if he were to stand on his hind legs. More options.

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this is from a fantasy novel so it dose't have to be real and these are not evan polar bears there armored bears and if it realy bothers you talk to the author

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>_> I've got no problems with armored bears. The concept of armored bears is awesome.

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That is some amazing attention to detail. Totally worth all the time and effort, but the concentration and patience required to draw something like this must have been immense. You're clearly a more resourceful artist than I! :nod:
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Thank you, it certainly took a long time to complete

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Totally worth all the time and effort, though. :nod:
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