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Alone Atop the Frozen Peaks Forever (Heavy Snow)

CRITIQUES ARE AVAILABLE NOW, Feel free to express your opinions on this and how I can improve! Please be honest, I don't like being told that I am super great when I know there is room for improvement.

So I had some trouble trying to get back into my comic, so I decided to draw something really artistic and something I wanted to do. This was the result. It pretty much captures who I am and who 545 is for the most part. I'm not very social, I like being alone, and whether I like it or not I'm stuck that way forever.

Now if you noticed I have a "Heavy" and "Light" Snow versions of these. The reason why I did a light one was so you guys can see the details of the background and 545 without the blizzard and snow everywhere.

I can say without a doubt this is my best artwork as of July 4th 2014. Of course I might have something better in the future, but currently this is what happens when I put a lot of effort into what I am creating.

If you are wondering how long it took, I'd say it took about 11 Hours to complete.

I also need to credit the texture I used for the rocks, I wanted to test out how textures would look and I think I like it and you will be most certainly will see me using them more often. I used this rock texture: it was made by ShockBeam.

The Light Snow version is here:

and I have another thing here, I listened to this awesome compilation of DBZ Music remixes in mostly Guitar and other various instruments. It is about 2 hours long but I recommend listening to it while drawing or if your bored. It is a must for Bruce Falconer fans. Here is the Youtube Link:…

And I think thats about it. As in to regards to if this helped reconnect my energy to making the comic, you can bet so. I will be getting to work on the next page of issue 8 pretty soon.
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S101X's avatar
tbh i wish you would make more heavy snow pics like this
FarisValefor's avatar
This captures the feeling of loneliness quite well. It's not just a matter of no one else being around, it's also got to do with no one else caring and, give the situation here, I doubt 545 has any friends.
supertailsfan123's avatar
this reminds me of the frozen throne from Warcraft its bountiful 
DjVoidika's avatar
first picture ive been able to relate to...........sometimes i feel just like im a "lone ranger" btw you have given me inspiration for a song,its time for me to get samples........TOO SAMPLE RADAR AWAY
CCI545's avatar
Tis how we are. And cool!
DjVoidika's avatar
its cool..................if i can stop procrastinating and get working on
sonicluke's avatar
Let' it go :) nice drawing 
Xaolin26's avatar
Holy shmooz! The snow details! The background! The everything!!! :iconexplodelaplz:
CCI545's avatar
Thanks! I put a lot of effort in this one : P
Demon653's avatar
Man your good. This whole background and the snow and your profile guy there being all covered in snow is absolutly amazing and cool. Excelent work dude.
CCI545's avatar
Thank you man, took a lot of time but it was worth it!
sonicandvegetafan's avatar
Holy shit dude that's awesome can I use this as my desk top?
CCI545's avatar
I have both on my desktop, so sure why not? lol
lsj7812's avatar
I bet someone will discover you like they did with megatron XD

That will probably be their worst move ever...
CCI545's avatar
"I am 545!" *EXPLOSION!!!!*

Directed by MICHAEL B- *BOOOM*!

Heard the new Transformers was actually pretty good though, might check it out.
lsj7812's avatar
I think they just ran out of ideas for the fourth. they went midieval it seems...
i still need to see the third one!!
HaunHyena's avatar
"Holy crap, I just adore this. Its rare someone puts a shit-ton of work into the background and settings the character is in for a certain piece.
 "Looking at this, I feel cold and pity the android here. He looks so alone and closed off, just sitting there and letting the elements do their thing like he's never there in the first place.

 "This is so beautiful."
CCI545's avatar
Thats exactly the feeling I was going for, I'm glad you saw that!

And thank you for commenting!
CCI545's avatar
Thank you so much dude, There is a lot of detail that went into this and I'm glad you saw it!
xXLost-FleetwayXx's avatar
I feel you man... Being all alone trying 2 find the right one to share our lives with. Just like you i have been alone through most of my life (I had gfs but they did not care for me at all, They only cared for sex) so i know how lonely you feel CCI545. Almost a comparison to this i see myself alone in the darkness... Never 2 find the light...
CCI545's avatar
It appears someone got the subtle message I was conveying in this piece : P Kudos for you.

But yes, it is a lonely life, and for the most part I am pretty content with it, but there are days where you see people bonding all the time, even friends you know hooking up with other people, and it tears you up inside everytime. Maybe its because we are not social enough or we aren't that great with women, maybe it is society that has changed them or us. Who knows.

Regardless though, I like how this piece came out. It delivered the message you caught, and it just looks cool.
xXLost-FleetwayXx's avatar
yeah.... and the pic does look cool (no pun intended)
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