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Albino Llama: Llamas are awesome! (87)
Pride is about being confident in yourself, your community, and your lifestyle. Naturally, thunder dragons are good at all these things. No matter what your walk of life, there’s something that your dragons and Riders take pride in! Show your dragons or Riders showing off something they are proud of. You receive two random Thunder activity items for each entry. Dragons gain +1 extra event EXP. If your dragon is Thunder element, they gain an additional +1 event EXP (for a total of 2). There is a prize you can redeem right away on the ccbestiary website--a special Summer familiar! Click here to visit that site. Stay safe, everyone!
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Eclipse is here, and groups are struck hard. We want to continue providing a quality experience for our members, so we have relocated our journals to the main site. This starts with just two of our journals: the Summer 2020 Art Turn-ins and Breeding Requests. Consider this a tentative step towards off-site functionality. We will monitor how this goes for the first month and see where to go from there. Many newbie-centric pages continue to stay on deviantART. These include the Hatchery, the Hatchery Quest, Character Uploads, Inventory, and certain game stores. Updates will primarily appear on this site. If the Summer turn-in pages gain positive feedback, then we will navigate some of these to the website. The Hatchery and Hatchery Quest will always have a place on deviantART so that people can easily enter the group. So, why are we doing this? Quite simply, the new version of Eclipse makes replying to messages a painstaking process. We hope to alleviate that and, as a result, make our
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| Diving for Treasure | A certain mischievous Emissary and her mantis shrimp friends have hidden treasure throughout the sea. For this month alone, you have a chance of finding Treasure Boxes and Treasure Chests during any salvaging journey. So, what's so cool about these items? Treasure Boxes may be sold for 300 Silvence. Treasure Chests may be sold for 750 Silvence. However, if you feel like gambling, these can drop great items with even more value than that Silvence. You can find all event-exclusive familiars, store-exclusive familiars, crafted items, and several regular familiars in these boxes (depending on box rarity). Dragon eggs fro
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For I feel the sense of the

great aura in this

enchanted gallery!

Your colors are vibrant!!

Your great powerful talent is

a gift for the humanity

Random llama delivery corp! Llama and rations have been delivered post haste! We hope that you will take good care of her and all other llamas that are held in your account! Would like to wish you good luck, improvement, good arts and more loyal watchers! Keep it up! Now, would you please sign all the papers?

Heresyourlama00 by Cant-Draw-Shit  
The meteorite cracks open to reveal even more glitter inside!
Elemental Essence by ccbestiary
This item can give a magical boost to your breedings...but do you dare use it?