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Well folks, I have had something in my grasp, only for to loose it at the last hurdle. 

This time it is this 3rd issue of Season 2 of the Wild West C.O.W-Boys of Moo Mesa comics.

632295 by CCB-18

I managed to find a copy of this, not on Amazon or eBay, but here on Comic Collector Live:…

I signed up on that site and was all set and ready to purchase it. Everything went okay, but at the last stage on PayPal, the transaction wouldn't go through....Faint 

And worst still, this is the only copy that I could find anywhere!!! :ARRRGH: 
After asking the seller about it, turned out they won't ship outside the USA! Can't Put Up With Your Stupidity (Chat Emote) 

They won't even look it over just this once and send it to me. And either party flying over to the other's country just to personally carry out a transaction like that would be a waste of plane-travel, time and money.

Now I don't know what to do now, as this maybe the only time I could ever find this comic to complete my collection. The only slight choice I have is to get hold of a family friend who lives in Miami and ask them to purchase the comic, ship it to their house in the USA, then they forward it to me here in the UK. I would later pay them for the shipping fees.

However, I am willing for anyone here else to help me. If they do, then contact me through "Notes" with PayPal account details and I will send the money to them afterwards, along with my postal address.

Hope somebody here will help me...:pwease: Puppy Eyes Please 
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Submitted on
August 23, 2016


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