It's Official - I'm an Uncle Now.

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Yes, folks you heard that right. Yours truely is now an Uncle.

So like my poor grandpa last year, it's a relief that the waiting's all over...

Sophie Rebecca Fitz-Gibons was born today @ 12:17pm weighing 8lb 10oc - a big bruiser - (which is why my sister had a few problems with delivery) and all on gas & air, closely coming to an epidural.

Aside from problems with delivery of the placenta, 1 little stitch and a graze somewhere, everybody's okay.

Contractions started yesterday morning around 7am, but nothing happened yesterday, my sister went in for a scan and showed that her water hadn't broken yet.

The baby was supposed to arrive last Monday 12th, my Mum's birthday, but nothing happened. Mum's annoyed that the baby's born a Pisces instead of Aquarius, but then, you can't actually choose your birthdate. Though, like me, my sister and my mum, she's a Wednesday child. (Course we were also hoping she'd come on the 18th, so it'd be 18/2/18 since her parents married 6/6/16, but with 21st, it's mum's birthday, just backwards...)

According to my mum, both me and my sister were expected earlier than our actual birthdays, as it is stated that the 1st child is usually expected later than expected - which is more than can be said for the pregnancies of :iconbholbrook:'s comics, with the exceptions of Danielle (who calculated her due date), Tammy (who probably didn't know when) and Kell (who was pregnant at the start) of :iconkevinandkell:, because if you look at all of the pregnancies, from Ming & Jenny's double pregnancy, as well as Rosalind's own pregnancy, in Safe Havens, Chelonia's in On the Fastrack (I won't include Wendy's two pregnancies since they're missing from the comic's archive) right up to Lindesfarne's just last year in :iconkevinandkell:, they were all before their due dates and possibly the same thing will happen for Samantha's space pregnancy in Safe Havens this year... Who knows?

Hopefully, this will tune down my sister's attitude for a while (though mum and dad might still have to teach her to speak to me properly without swearing or insulting me for nothing).

Will post image tomorrow when I see her, following my sister's return from the hospital...
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