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Well folks, after 2 years of struggling about my Statue to Limitations being lifted, one of my New Year's Resolutions has finally come about!

Yes folks, as of this week, I'm officially a LEGOlander once more! I'm in a BoH role with Ground Ops

Okay, so it's not the departments I'm best suited for, but;

  1. It means paid work (even if it only lasts till mid-November).

  2. It gets me out of the house after spending so long in Lockdown.

  3. It gives me new skills and experiences.

  4. It's an opportunity to climb the ladder in order to get back into my FoH saddle once more, be it Entertainment, Rides & Attractions, Caricature Artist, Boardwalk Games Host, Photo Vendor or Balloon Seller.

Sadly, not everyone in my family's too keen, after what happened to me back in 2016, but they do agree on the first three pointers.

(Mind you, my sister's still trying for me to get a "proper" job, like working in supermarkets where paying is constant, but I've HAVE been trying for ages, and all with little success beyond an interview - and some of those were few and far between)

Still, looking on the bright side, I'll be glad to carry out this year at LLWR.

Wish me luck everybody!

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