A Sad Day for Webcomics

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Just as my grandpa returns from hospital, I get another crushing loss in my life...

It's one thing for a webcomic to end, like :iconewschwartz:/:iconmaxblackrabbit:'s Sabrina Online (even if there rumours it may be coming back soon), but at least it may continue in a new life as a spin-off or a new comic.

After all, to mention a few examples...
  • :iconoctoneet:'s Namir Deiter went onto becoming Nicole & Derek (even though the former skipped a whole chapter - Tipper's pregnancy - before closing)
  • Fur Will Fly gave way to Coming Up Violet (even though it seems to have been on hiatus since April 2012)
  • :iconvickifox:'s The World of Vicki Fox made a remarkable comeback as a new series.
  • :iconthe-gneech:'s Suburban Jungle went on to Rough Housing.
  • Even :icona-fraser:'s Bridgette's Belly went to Tiger Thighs (even though there may not be much longer to go before the final chapter in that one...)
But it's another when the creator of that comic goes whilst the comic's in full swing.

I'm afraid to say, as I learned from :iconwarrenhutch: & :iconmarmelmm: on Saturday 11th March, that Albert Temple, the creator and writer of the Gene Catlow webcomic has died of natural causes on the 9th March 2017, at the age of 59. :bademoticon: NOOOOOOO *sob* 

To quote :iconmarmelmm:: "Albert unflinchingly supported everything and everyone he came across. He was a fan and follower of everyone. This was a man who never said a negative word about anyone, to even imagine him being angry is impossible... I've only known him for a little more than twenty years. But I will say it was an honor to have him as a friend."

And all this time, I was wondering why the comic hadn't update this week, aside from the Saturday Special. I just assumed it was some fault in the website...Stupidity 

I still cannot believe that only 3 weeks ago, I wrote to him about the possibilities of there being a special Gene Catlow Saturday Page involving Lindesfarne's pregnancy in :iconkevinandkell: alongside Tavie by :iconwallaroo: (similar to here; genecatlow.keenspot.com/d/2006… ) or was either one of them going to give birth before a chance like that happened (yet noting that Tavie's been having Branxton Hicks for the last 4 years or more, Lindesfarne still might beat Tavie to the maternity ward), all he said to me was; "I can't promise that, but I can tell you that Tavie's giving birth to Michelle is going to be full of surprises..."

Only now, we may never know what will happen.TMNT Mikey Cry Emoticons  (That even goes for the Factoid Pages about the dress code of Ancient Canovia instead of the constant "How the Comic is Made" pages on Saturdays, and that also went for a Doc Rat/Gene Catlow crossover special, similar to the link above, I composed 3 years ago because at the time, the webcomic had 2 pregnant rabbits, a pregnant wolf, a rhino and a rat all at once - I wonder if those ever even got started...)

For not only has a great webcomic artist passed away, but gone to is his own skill of an anthro world, second only to :iconbholbrook:'s world of :iconkevinandkell:, :iconewschwartz:'s Sabrina Online , Dutch's Misty the Mouse and even those by :iconwallaroo:, as these comics rank my top 10 favourite webcomics.

If he'd ever come to a UK comic/furry convention, and we perchanced to have met, I'd've like to see him do his-style caricatures of the :iconlkhff: team's main fursonas of :iconkingleolionheart::iconbennythebeast::iconlionkingrulez::icondreamscancometrue67: and myself, along with the 2011 designs of Maria the Female Beast....

But now that will never happen.Overwhelmed By Human Emotions 

And what's to become of the webcomic now? I mean, will his partner Catswhisker take over, since her skill is an exact likeness to Albert's? (So she may pick up where Albert left and continue on the legacy, who knows - but let's hope so.Pray )

So here's to you, Albert Temple and Gene Catlow. May you rest in peace...BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP 

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*nods* He was a great guy and a great artist.