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Hi viewers. I need some advice, and I hope you can give it.

I recently sold a nearly new :iconlegoplz: Ninjago Movie set on eBay to a customer, only he's just contacted me with a Returns File, because it "doesn't match description or photos", and to quote the buyer "It’s been opened and bits are missing. This is out of order"

He claimed I've ripped him off (bit strong there) because 2 polybags had been opened and resealed, and only 2 Minifigs and a Hotdog cart were missing - which was why the item was £10 cheaper than it was retailed price.

The order's description did mention those items, but he obviously overlooked that's not my fault, is it?

As for the photo, I'd put up an edited image of the set, minus the missing items as I wasn't selling them, so there was nothing wrong there. People on eBay do it all the time...

He'd've gotten no worse off than from either a Car Boot Sale, a Jumble Sale or even a Charity Store. I've tried to explain, but he's not believing me.

Now he's gone calling me names such as "Snake", a "career criminal" and calling me "a verruca on the toe of society" and asking me how I can sleep at night, thinking I was cheating someone.

(I'm starting to think he's got some form of attitude problem, and is the one acting disrespectful)

I'm not too sure what to do.

Do I either;
1. Accept the return, even though I have chosen a No-Returns Policy when I sold it? (That means I have to pay for postage, so I have to resell it again)
2. Give a full refund? (I refund the buyer to close this request. The buyer keeps the item.)
3. Offer a partial refund?(Either way with 2 & 3, the buyer keeps the item)

I have to take action by 28th May.

I hope somebody will help me out?

What should I do?
Yes, folks you heard that right. Yours truely is now an Uncle.

So like my poor grandpa last year, it's a relief that the waiting's all over...

Sophie Rebecca Fitz-Gibons was born today @ 12:17pm weighing 8lb 10oc - a big bruiser - (which is why my sister had a few problems with delivery) and all on gas & air, closely coming to an epidural.

Aside from problems with delivery of the placenta, 1 little stitch and a graze somewhere, everybody's okay.

Contractions started yesterday morning around 7am, but nothing happened yesterday, my sister went in for a scan and showed that her water hadn't broken yet.

The baby was supposed to arrive last Monday 12th, my Mum's birthday, but nothing happened. Mum's annoyed that the baby's born a Pisces instead of Aquarius, but then, you can't actually choose your birthdate. Though, like me, my sister and my mum, she's a Wednesday child. (Course we were also hoping she'd come on the 18th, so it'd be 18/2/18 since her parents married 6/6/16, but with 21st, it's mum's birthday, just backwards...)

According to my mum, both me and my sister were expected earlier than our actual birthdays, as it is stated that the 1st child is usually expected later than expected - which is more than can be said for the pregnancies of :iconbholbrook:'s comics, with the exceptions of Danielle (who calculated her due date), Tammy (who probably didn't know when) and Kell (who was pregnant at the start) of :iconkevinandkell:, because if you look at all of the pregnancies, from Ming & Jenny's double pregnancy, as well as Rosalind's own pregnancy, in Safe Havens, Chelonia's in On the Fastrack (I won't include Wendy's two pregnancies since they're missing from the comic's archive) right up to Lindesfarne's just last year in :iconkevinandkell:, they were all before their due dates and possibly the same thing will happen for Samantha's space pregnancy in Safe Havens this year... Who knows?

Hopefully, this will tune down my sister's attitude for a while (though mum and dad might still have to teach her to speak to me properly without swearing or insulting me for nothing).

Will post image tomorrow when I see her, following my sister's return from the hospital...
We're nearing Valentine's Day, and we've finally got my (unrequired) new bedroom carpet down - and I for one am getting fed up with all this clearing out! :slump: 

My #3 resolution is really being put to the test here. My folks won't stop going on about getting rid of my collections, whether to sell them, or give them away @ the next panto raffle.

What they see as rubbish, is what inspires me...I cannot part with that. (Still, I do need to find a garage, or somewhere where I can safely store my collections, without prejudice or having to pay a vast rental fee like self-storage facility)

...And what I see as still being useful (if not us, them someone else), mum sees as rubbish worthy of a landfill Why is the rum always gone? (even books that are still together, even though they're missing their spines)...

Most of the time, I have to go through what she's prepared for the dustmen, and separate them for the charity shops - least then they'll have a second chance in life.

Sometimes, I wonder if they know how valuable some of these items can be to the right collector, and they throw them away to be lost to the world? (We went through that once when I rescued two Hindu statues from the river, possibly stolen and thinking there might've been a reward - only for my sister to chuck them in the bin before we could take them to the police station! And I took the trouble of cleaning them both up. She's really got no patience with certain artefacts, that girl has)

Sulky Fella (Reactions) 

Further more, I hardly have much time to carry on with my other things, what with getting called and questioned nearly every 10 minutes (except when meals are served).

I'll be glad when March 1st comes around and Mum's back at work - or at least when I find work then I can get away from it all...
Trialling News first. Seems #3 of my New Year's resolutions is being put to the test - and not in a good way.

With new carpets being fitted, and the house having clear-outs of unwanted items, my collections are in jeopardy. I've already chucked out all my kept TV guides, after cutting out the recipe articles - and that's still not satisfying enough for my folks.

I don't wish to part with them, and I spent a lot of time, and a far bit of money searching for the tapes in my VHS collection - many are very rare finds indeed, and even as a video tape, could be worth a lot of money to anybody who still has a VHS player. And :iconlegoplz: is one of my greatest passions. I could never give it up.

Dad keeps going on at me, and that we have a self-storage room full of (what he calls) cr*p, but then one man's trash is another's treasure - sadly very few people see it like that my my household. We even have different opinions of what a tidy-up looks like (there, I can't please anybody, even if they can walk across the floor)

What I need is a storage place, preferably like a garage, where I can keep my collections safe and sound, never have to part with them and only pay the once for said garage, instead of paying a self-storage place. (At one time, a real-estate agency in my area did have some for sale, but I didn't think of using any for myself, just for my sister's wedding business or my parents' panto troupe)

So if anybody within distance of Sandhurst in Berkshire, UK knows of any, do please give a message and I'll check it out.


Now for the exciting news.

In Safe Havens, by Bill Holbrook/:iconbholbrook:, creator of :iconkevinandkell: comes a piece of news folks have been waiting for.

Dr Samantha Angus is now pregnant!… and only just a year after Lindesfarne's was announced. (And some folks said they were tired of pregnancy stories in comics)
Well, looks like things have come full circle for Sam and Dave, so now they can be concidered equal to the rest of their friends now.

(Mind you, it can't be any odder than how Lindesfarne got pregnant in Kevin & Kell just last year;… )

A few things do spring to mind in concerns with this:
  1. Did the Dodos have a hand (or wing) this? Like getting hold of Sam's birth control?
  2. The baby will be more likely born on Mars, as it's a 6 month journey there, so Sam will be in either 6th-7th month stage.
  3. Did anybody think to pack maternity space suits, just in case this happened? (And if there's another double Pregnancy like with Ming & Jenny in 2011)
  4. Will the baby be effected by Sam's previous TF experiments like Rupert & Rosalind's back in 2015?
Make you think, doesn't it?

So best keep your eyes on this comic around September-October for the results...

...and I just hope some sites appreciate this announcement better than others might.
I know that these are a week late, but with all the renovations to the house and the dog-sitting, I've hardly had the time to do anything but think them out. After all, in nine days time, I turn 29 and I need to make another step to improve myself as someone.

So here are my resolutions for 2018.
  1. Find work that'll last me longer than what I've done so far last year. (And if that means I have to do Back-of-House work in LEGOland, I'll accept it. And perhaps if I do this well, I might be able to return to working Front-of-House again, where I feel I belong)
  2. Loose a little more weight (and if I find work, that'll help me)
  3. Continue to keep a hold of my collections of :iconlegoplz: and VHS tapes, no matter what my sister says or thinks.
  4. Be a little more assertive up here, as I've suffered a lot last year. So from now on, I'm implying a new system. If anybody disrespects my work, or ignores my   No Mean Comments Stamp by CCB-18 stamp, then their comment(s) will be hidden, if not for my sake but their own. If this happens three times, they will be blocked to avoid hurting me any further. I know many viewers say ignore them, but when you're insulted for your beliefs on what's right and what's wrong, it's hard not to.
  5. Start a :iconlkhff: fan-group up here, so I can continue to carry on my work for said group, without repercussions from ungratefuls.
  6. Start up a petition campaign to have Rosie resorted to her former glory and bring balance to the Rainbow of Liveries.
Some of these shouldn't be too hard to do at all...
Well, this year's certainly had more downs than up for me and my family to say the least.

Good Parts
  • Lindesfarne's pregnancy in :iconkevinandkell:
  • Sabrina Online returned with a new series, and a pregnancy story of her own.
  • My sister too fell pregnant, a year after her wedding, and I'm expecting a niece in Februray.
  • I've joined an Autistic Group my mother recommended whilst working with a colleague, who's also Autistic, at Windsor Castle.
  • I got volunteer work at the BrickLIVE! over at the London Excel in late July.
  • We finally got our conservatory floor relaid after sooooo long of just bare, cold, crumbling concrete (even though we had a lot of furniture to move as the lounge and dining room floors also got relaid)
  • My sister got her silver wings and platinum tie for her services with British Airways at a ceremony in Brighton.
  • My parent's panto troupe returned to the Beck Theatre in Hayes after a year's absence.
  • In Thomas & Friends, Terence the Tractor finally returned to our screens, therefore completing the Ffarquar Crew.
  • I finally returned to LLWR, but only for a brief time with a Christmas position.
Bad Parts
  • I failed my first assessment in LLWR back in January, even after giving 110% (I kept trying with several other positions throughout the year and failed till after Halloween).
  • My grandfather on my mother's side passed away in March (but we were half-expecting that, so it was also a form of comfort to us all)
  • My parents got me a new car (even though I told them I didn't need one) and almost cost me a possible job because I had an interview at the same date and time as I was dragged off to the showrooms (but that was only because I thought it was the next day. They're also getting me a new carpet, even though I don't need that either)
  • The :iconlegoplz: Messaging Boards folded in March, and earlier on in Mid-December, the :iconlegoplz: Gallery sites sadly closed down too...
  • Peter Sallis, star of Last of the Summer Wine, Wallace & Gromit and Wind in the Willows passed away this year.
  • Another sudden death was that of Albert Temple, creator of Gene Catlow. (Now Tavie will never have Michelle - unless somebody he worked with takes up the reins again)
  • A good writer of pregnancy & labour stories up here, :iconsanna2011: was removed due to some form of violation with her stories, and I didn't take all the story proposals I'd written down for her. I tried using one of the archive-record sites like, but it doesn't work well with DA whilst trying to search for a lost story. (Happily, she's back but has yet written anything up)
  • Another problem with this was trying to find the Biker Mice from Mars fanfic "Father & Daughter" story by :iconliitletoboe102:, who sadly won't return them, even though they were one of her finest works I've read up here.
  • Bridgette's Belly/Tiger Thighs finally came to a close today, but there's hope that it will come back.
  • The site (where I got my Road Rovers clip art from) sadly went down, now I don't know where else to look to in order to get footage as clear as that site - or even without any logos in the corners.
  • In :iconnickelodeon-plz:'s TMNT series, Master Splinter got killed off, even though he was too important a character to do so.
  • Even pregnant, being around my sister's a mixed bag as she's constantly getting on everybody's nerves, is nose-sensitive (smelling things no one else can) and always correcting me with conduct whilst helping her out, or some form of etiquette, when it comes to laying tables. Once, she insulted me just because my dad and I got mixed signals whilst he was getting down from a stepladder, which she was climbing (and shouldn't have) and stepped to one side, thinking he was going to take over holding it - which he didn't...
  • The ceiling in our guest bedroom fell in, back in April, due to a cracked tile causing a leak, was it wasn't till late October that it was finally mended.(The roof that is, the ceiling's still not been replaced, and a lot of our landing carpets had to be taken up, and have not been replaced yet.)
  • I've been brow-beaten, verbally harassed and rudely criticised too much on DA and other sites, just for doing my duty and what I love doing - like gifts and dedication art forms - and even got unjustly kicked off groups, like :iconlkhff: and :iconinflationnation:, and all because scandalous lies were told about me, such as theft and bullying (how can giving somebody a surprise present be bullying? I ask you) - and I got blocked whilst trying to explain my innocence. I hadn't done any harm to anybody and this is how I get treated whilst those worse than I am get away scott-free. Others just blocked me for giving harmless complements (absurd, isn't it?). (And I thought getting dismissed over a mere verbal misunderstanding, like what I went through in 2016 was bad enough)
  • In Thomas & Friends, Rosie got painted red, which doesn't suit her, due to the fact Mattel found her to be "a challenge" (pure rubbish, in my opinion) and very few people seem to care about the facts why Lavender Rosie's more important and the disastrous effects this has caused towards the franchise.
I just hope next year will be better.
Guess this entry follows on from this entry in March; A Sad Day for Webcomics

I just learned this morning that Gene Catlow is no longer longer visible. Instead, there's an announcement for "Inexpensive Domains" that the registration expired 12/6/2017. Talk about necromancy is a change...

Whilst fans are sad that they never got a chance to download a strip before it vanished, I think this link may help;*/http://g…

It's the next best thing to reviewing old sites and comics you may miss...

(Sadly, it's not so good as trying to review old DA galleries and and missing works that you once enjoyed viewing)

Hope this'll cheer viewers up a bit now.
(Copied from :iconjasonpictures: over on :icontmnt-ff-doa-club:)

Please copy this and post it on your channel so the word is spread around.

Net Neutrality is in trouble. Plans have been laid out to roll back many of the laws protecting your ability to access the internet. Read More below to see ways that you can help stop this from happening. 

Reddit thread with TONS of info:

Contact your Representatives:

Another Helpful Tool:

Find your Representative:

Find your Senator:

Contact the FCC:
As if my DA career wasn't being harassing enough, what with over protected dedicatees, getting kicked off certain groups over trial-&-error submissions (you think you're following the rules, but somewhere, somehow you're breaking one rule), having recent entries picked on for mere bagatelles, getting blocked by artists I hardly know or have said anything to them (I discover this when I try to favour their works) and some of my favourite artists suddenly deleting the works I enjoyed viewing over and over again (and what's worse is they won't resubmit them) something else just cropped up and has put me in a state of anxiousness.

Many fans of pregnant furries will know of my Ovum-Amp works, based on the advert by :iconwallaroo:Ovum-Amp, the Radio Script & BelleCandie for Ovum-Amp. Well, just recently my last entry for Mayternity 2017, featuring Vanilla & Cream the Rabbits somehow got deleted (I thought it was a hacker) so I reposted it - only for it to get submitted again. Only it turns out it was deleted by DA staff on account that it was "due to a violation of DeviantArt policy or because its theme or content was judged unacceptable". Further details informed me that "A member of staff has reviewed a report concerning this deviation and has determined that the character(s) depicted in a nude, erotic or sexually compromising situation are established as being under the age of 18 in their original context" - when really it wasn't never intended. In fact there was nothing "sexual" about it at all.

I tried to fix it up, make it clean-looking, show that it wasn't sexually compromising, but it was still turned down on account of it "still features exaggerated breasts and is not acceptable for submission to DeviantArt". 

MLP Applejack (Aw Horseapples) Plz  Aw, come on! There are artist with pieces like (and I really don't wish to cast assertions here) this; Join the funSo cute and Commission - Boob bumping, (not to mention one of a 3D/SFM submission of Sonic as a futanari/hermaphrodite (huge chest and great whatsit) with Amy next to him/her/however you put it, possibly by :icontenaos:, :iconsanory: or :icontahlian:, I'm not sure who created it) who draw sexual scene and exaggerated breasts more than I ever do - and yet I'm the one being singled out over nothing...So, so done 

And I thought sites like and Pregchan were bad enough with what goes on where (see; )

Now of course, I'm afraid to submit the clean editions of the Ovum-Amp bases; , let alone any new ads, for fear that any future submission of similar materials will result in the suspension of my account here (which was what I was told at the end of my failed appeal)

What am I to do?

I hope some of you will have good advice...
Boy, am I upset and on the verge of being torn in two.

The end of the first week in October's not been kind to me, and all because my dedication works to an artist who's not up here as much, are rudely criticised as theft and unwanted. To make matters worse, their followers call me rude names and bully me with false accusations.

What is wrong with people these days?! 

Where has the appreciation for a fan's hard work and effort for keeping their memories and creations alive all gone?

If fans don't do these, then those works, that they themselves worked hard on, will be forgotten about. Or viewers will try to search form them only to find nothing.
That's what fans do, try to keep them alive. After all, all my works are completely harmless - yet I'm the one who ends up getting mortally hurt over nothing.

If dedicating an artist is wrong, then all fanart and fanfiction is theft - yet we fans are not sued, bullied or falsely accused by big companies like Disney, Warner Brothers or Sega are we?

Okay, so maybe I was off on a few little details; wrong species, our interpretative background stories behind the characters were somewhat different, or the references to what they may sound like on TV or radio don't match. But that's nothing to get annoyed over, or accuse people of manipulation when clearly they weren't? No, what I did was not manipulation - what's happened to poor Rosie in T&F, now that's manipulation!

Least we are trying to preserve something good they made, and keep it alive for future generations - even if they don't need our "assistance" in doing so.

The artist I dedicated to in question (I can't use any names) has asked me civilly to delete the "offensive*" pieces, but I'm not sure what to do.

I promised myself that I'd never delete another piece of work here again and let others enjoy them if the dedicatee doesn't.

On the one hand, if I delete it, and a part of me dies because I'm getting rid of something I worked hard on and that others may have enjoyed. One the other hand, if I don't the dedicatee says they'll do legal action against me - will they sue me, come over and beat me up or send me a virus?

If I do, something wonderful is lost to the world and the dedicatee looses a fan. If I don't, I get hounded and bullied over something completely harmless.

I'm not sure what to do...

Still, there is the second party to take into consideration, and they may like it, even if the first party doesn't like it.

Perhaps you viewers have had such an obstacle yourselves. If so, how was the best way of handling it?

(* = I say that, even though there's nothing wrong with them)
First Lindesfarne of :iconkevinandkell:, then Sabrina's comeback for Sabrina Online, and now it's my sister's turn...

Yes viewers, I've just learned, today, that I'm to become an uncle! Clap 

Course, like the origins of Lindesfarne's Pregnancy, it's not a question of how it happened, but when (and possibly where);… ...

But don't the generations just catch up on you.

Mind you, I wasn't expecting anything like this for another 2-3 years. Though, they have been trying, unlike a family friend who's tried twice and been unsuccessful (yet)...

It's a shame that there'll be no great-grandparents in this generation, but my aunt's pretty pleased to be a great-aunt.

Course, she told me that she knew something like this would occur, but perhaps not like how Rudy & Fiona found out about Lindesfarne's;……

However, my sister's due date will be 14th February 2018 - our mother's own birthday. I think I've fainted.  (I only hope mum won't get jealous with this. Mind you, it could be like :iconsanna2011: (now :iconb-jean2017:)'s story "Birthday Birth"; 
Birthday Birth!)

But then we can't all be like Danielle, who DID pinpoint her labor day. ;) (Wink) (Unlike in Safe Havens with Jenny & Ming's labours of 2011 and Rosalind's in 2015, which were ahead of schedule)
Well, if 2015 was the year for pregnancies, 2017 is a close second...
That's right, viewers. I've managed to land some voluntary work, at the BrickLIVE! Convention at the London ExCel.

Hopefully, this will give me another foot in the door and a fresh chance for me to return to LLWR in the New Year as an Entertainer.

So I'm going to be away between now and Monday the 31st. In fact I'm writing this at an Internet Cafe in Leicester Square since I'm staying with my aunt in London and she has no fixed broadband....

Expect to see some marvelous picture of the convention up here after the start of August...:D (Big Grin) 
You may have noticed that one of my recent birthday works has been rejected badly by the person I dedicated it to. 

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting a reaction like that. Just because I much prefer to use the original design for their character, they have to go and act over-protective like some spoiled... :confuused: ...I really don't want to use the word "brat" but I can't think of anything else. Seems like they over-looked :icondontlike1plz::icondontlike2plz: stamp in the description panel.

I believe I've been this way before, with trying to reason with people I dedicate my works to politely & reasonably and they go throwing it back at me. Only this time, it's slightly different. I mean, we're both members of the same DA group, and other members also draw the same character, and yet nobody complains about them or anything.  

So, why pick on me? As I've said before, my works are of no harm and are more of a credit to the maker. They should be pleased above anything else. Everybody else likes it, so why shouldn't they?

And really, nobody's getting hurt or anything via my works. I mean, it's not going to be like Zigzag trying to get Sabrina into bed with her - far from it. I would never do anything over a PG-13 rate, as you viewers may have noticed. So I would never put those characters in compromising situations.

My fanart of their works gets viewers attention, and then the viewers visit them and view their works and see how they inspired me to do these. If they didn't want dedication or being noticed for inspiration, then they shouldn't submit or join DA groups - that's my theory. Besides, I've been doing this for ages and I've only ever had one complaint because I was unaware on how out of touch they'd been another group for 8 years.
Most viewers know I mean well, even if the dedicatee doesn't always. They're the kind who, if you enjoyed their works and offered them a helpful hint or a tip, would ram it back down your throat - just for helping them try and avoid Creator's Block.Stunned (Like with my sister, these are arguments I cannot hope to win)

Their last comment of the aforementioned work accused me of being a coward because I hid their comments. :shocked: Now that's not true. Markiplier Shocked - The Whisper Challenge #5 It wasn't for my sake, but their's. I mean, hurtful things like that is a good way to make them loose fans, viewers and admirers.
So I merely was protecting them and their reputation from themselves as they appear to be writing without fully thinking of the actions first, like when Marge posted that comical picture of Homer's melting ice-cream at the Power Plant and it cost him his job. Or when Ned punched Homer in the eye and nobody went near Ned for ages, believing him to be a monster.

I won't go into my whole "reason why people do these things" speech again as I have with so many of my fellow artists who get picked on because of their works, as I certainly wouldn't call them "Stupid" due to their own creativity but I may keep the opinion that the dedicatee may just be jealous because I can do more for their character than they ever could imagine...

And since we're in the same group, most of my works for that group will involve their characters in one way or another in some fanfic or fan art - they will play vital roles and without them, it all grinds to a halt.

But am I going to let bossy-boots like them stop my creative flow just because they say so...?

I REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivion My Art, My Rules by Survey-chan
 Besides, if other viewers like my works, and yet the dedicatee doesn't, does it really matter a pig's ear? If they don't like my dedication works, they can just lump it.
I WillDrawWhatever IWant Stamp by DragonHeartLuver  All Art can be Creative Stamp by racingwolf I didn't join DA stamp by ARTic-Weather  I can't think of a name stamp by In-The-Machine MY dA by Dinoforms

At this point, I'm going to throw in a quotation from Victor Tanzig of YouTube here; "I make them for fun, and as a way of experimenting with my creativity"

So, in the end, although I shall still continue with my dedication work, I'm going to be like :iconbigbellybirdy: and ignore them and their hurtful comments (even though I don't really like doing it) till they realise they were wrong ... or Money n Coins then it's forgive and forget.

I can certainly forgive them if they can forget their outbursts...
Yes folks, today, Sunday 18th June (aka Father's Day in the UK) 2017, I finally reached over 20,000 Notifications!Cheerleader 

Applaud fella (Reactions) 2 ( Numbers ) 0 ( Numbers ),0 ( Numbers ) 0 ( Numbers ) 0 ( Numbers )  Blower fella (Party) 
I've waiting so long for that number to get that high...Hatsune Miku-16 (Cheer) 

Thank you all viewers for making it possible...Flowers fella (Love) 
Well, once again, when May comes around, so does :iconmay-ternity:.

So here's the characters for Ovum-Amp I have in mind to submit to the group before the rest of the month's out.
  • Ambar the High Prime from :iconchalodillo:'s Las Lindas Webcomic
  • Vanilla & Cream the Rabbits
  • Undertale's Toriel
  • Minerva Mink from Animaniacs
  • Miss Mimi from Angelina Ballerina
  • Mrs Bear from Rupert
If anybody has any choice of characters, do please let me know as soon as possible, and I'll see what I can do before June 1st...
I always thought Friday 13th was bad luck day, but it seems this week, Thursday 13th & Friday 14th seem to be in cahoots with each other. 

First of all, be careful out on the M25 this week - I ended up crawling to and from the outskirts of London BOTH ways on a journey that takes less than 50 minutes (took me nearly 3 hours! Bonnie Facepalm Chat Icon )

Secondly, I got a nasty surprise as another DA colleague of mine disabled their DA account. 

This was :iconsanna2011:, founder of the group :iconbeauty-of-birth: and one of the best pregnancy-&-birth story writers I've seen since :iconevertide:. Why, she even wrote up several stories I suggested to her. 

I always enjoyed viewing her works and eagerly waited to see which one of my plots would she do next.

I only pray she'll return soon. Like :iconbigbirdybelly: before her, a talent like hers is too good to let go to waste.

I just hope the group will be able to carry on without her till she returns...
A Follow on from here; A Sad Day for Webcomics

Well, it looks like the last ever page of Gene Catlow went up 25th March 2017 (one of his Saturday filter pages, I may add), following its creator's death earlier in March (the last page of his The Secret Gene Catlow went up 2nd March 2017).

Question is now, will it ever carry on again? As seen here;… And if so, who'll pick it up? Will it be Catswhisker, Albert's partner, or Richard Katellis, creator of the sister comic Kit & Kay Boodle and the secondary stars of Gene Catlow, Shirlee Mouse & Kat Ellis?

Same as with the return of :iconewschwartz:'s Sabrina Online for this year, we can only hope and wait...
Well...looks like it finally happened. :crying: rvmp 

Untitled by CCB-18
Samuel Carrington Hoyle
(May 1920 — March 2017)

We got a call at 7:30 this morning and was informed by the duty nurse that she went to check on him, popped off to do something, and when she returned a few moments later he was gone.

Looks like the spring finally went from his bungee. Mind you, with his dementia and general confusion in life, (he recently had to be given medication in order to calm him down) he was just plain tired of living...tired of life.

When I saw him last night, he was laying in his bed at the nursing home, his eyes closed and his mouth open, his head on one side with only his shoulders poking up from under the blankets, looking like an ancient Egyptian mummy when it's been unwrapped (he'd gotten so skinny)

Least he passed away in comfort. And we are glad he's now out of his pain as it made him so unhappy.

We may all be sad now, but deep down, we're somewhat relieved... Do not want  Tears (Again, I shall probably cry when the funeral commences)

...but that is the Circle of Life. It's all about living, but it's also about death.

Farewell, Grandpa Sam. And good luck. 
As to follow up from here; Bad Deja Vu... it looks like Grandpa's having a relapse (only without the hospital this time). The trouble is he's getting confused and tired of living since my sister's wedding in June (thankfully Christmas 2016 was a good exception to his yo-yo behaviour). This can leave him with having a foul temper via his dementia - in fact, when I saw him last Sunday after he got out of hospital, he practically scared me off with a conspiracy mood against the staff of his nursing home.

Seems that his dementia has been causing him to have suicidal thoughts as of lately ("Just bring me a gun and let me put it to my head" kind of thing), but I'd never thought he'd actually try it...Fainting Toy Freddy Chat Icon (because he can never remember it the next day)

It all started when the carers found him attempting to slash his wrists with a glass he shattered Scared Cute Mini-Freddy Chat Icon (thankfully he failed to do that and only gashed the base of his thumb), but now we're all concerned, and not very happy...

After seeing doctors and psychiatrists, it's been established that he's having delusions brought on by an infectionThree emoty Tower . So he's been given some antibiotics, and all we can do now is try to calm him down and keep him comfortable as best we can. There there (It'll be okay) 

The next 72 hours will have to be closely watched, as poor grandpa may not have much longer to live on this mortal soil... Sad Freddy is Sad (Chat Icon) 
Just as my grandpa returns from hospital, I get another crushing loss in my life...

It's one thing for a webcomic to end, like :iconewschwartz:/:iconmaxblackrabbit:'s Sabrina Online (even if there rumours it may be coming back soon), but at least it may continue in a new life as a spin-off or a new comic.

After all, to mention a few examples...
  • :iconoctoneet:'s Namir Deiter went onto becoming Nicole & Derek (even though the former skipped a whole chapter - Tipper's pregnancy - before closing)
  • Fur Will Fly gave way to Coming Up Violet (even though it seems to have been on hiatus since April 2012)
  • :iconvickifox:'s The World of Vicki Fox made a remarkable comeback as a new series.
  • :iconthe-gneech:'s Suburban Jungle went on to Rough Housing.
  • Even :icona-fraser:'s Bridgette's Belly went to Tiger Thighs (even though there may not be much longer to go before the final chapter in that one...)
But it's another when the creator of that comic goes whilst the comic's in full swing.

I'm afraid to say, as I learned from :iconwarrenhutch: & :iconmarmelmm: on Saturday 11th March, that Albert Temple, the creator and writer of the Gene Catlow webcomic has died of natural causes on the 9th March 2017, at the age of 59. Judy (NO!) - Icon NOOOOOOO *sob* 

To quote :iconmarmelmm:: "Albert unflinchingly supported everything and everyone he came across. He was a fan and follower of everyone. This was a man who never said a negative word about anyone, to even imagine him being angry is impossible... I've only known him for a little more than twenty years. But I will say it was an honor to have him as a friend."

And all this time, I was wondering why the comic hadn't update this week, aside from the Saturday Special. I just assumed it was some fault in the website...Stupidity 

I still cannot believe that only 3 weeks ago, I wrote to him about the possibilities of there being a special Gene Catlow Saturday Page involving Lindesfarne's pregnancy in :iconkevinandkell: alongside Tavie by :iconwallaroo: (similar to here;… ) or was either one of them going to give birth before a chance like that happened (yet noting that Tavie's been having Branxton Hicks for the last 4 years or more, Lindesfarne still might beat Tavie to the maternity ward), all he said to me was; "I can't promise that, but I can tell you that Tavie's giving birth to Michelle is going to be full of surprises..."

Only now, we may never know what will happen.TMNT Mikey Cry Emoticons  (That even goes for the Factoid Pages about the dress code of Ancient Canovia instead of the constant "How the Comic is Made" pages on Saturdays, and that also went for a Doc Rat/Gene Catlow crossover special, similar to the link above, I composed 3 years ago because at the time, the webcomic had 2 pregnant rabbits, a pregnant wolf, a rhino and a rat all at once - I wonder if those ever even got started...)

For not only has a great webcomic artist passed away, but gone to is his own skill of an anthro world, second only to :iconbholbrook:'s world of :iconkevinandkell:, :iconewschwartz:'s Sabrina Online , Dutch's Misty the Mouse and even those by :iconwallaroo:, as these comics rank my top 10 favourite webcomics.

If he'd ever come to a UK comic/furry convention, and we perchanced to have met, I'd've like to see him do his-style caricatures of the :iconlkhff: team's main fursonas of :iconkingleolionheart::iconbennythebeast::iconlionkingrulez::icondreamscancometrue67: and myself, along with the 2011 designs of Maria the Female Beast....

But now that will never happen.Overwhelmed By Human Emotions 

And what's to become of the webcomic now? I mean, will his partner Catswhisker take over, since her skill is an exact likeness to Albert's? (So she may pick up where Albert left and continue on the legacy, who knows - but let's hope so.Pray )

So here's to you, Albert Temple and Gene Catlow. May you rest in peace...BHB Emote Tombstone Headstone Dead RIP