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NICK: Judy, why don't you show those flat-foot cops what you can really do on the outside, instead of letting them walk over you on account of your size? You've proven before you're more than worth the effort to do so.

JUDY: Because I'm afraid.

NICK: Who of? Bogo? Mr Big's goons? The Night-Howlers? Me going feral again?

JUDY: Of me.

NICK: What do you mean?

JUDY: (Sighs) If I ever let loose, it could end with me clearing up and leaving.

NICK: To another region?

JUDY: No. Out of Zootopia - or even off the force - for good. I know I've done great things for this city, but now I'm a single mother to a creature nobody seems to know anything about, it only increases the risks of living a normal life...if you can call a rabbit dating a fox - once food-chain links, now having throw away those chains - normal. I mean it's almost as awkward for a cop to be dating or even married to a hustler...which is not a bad description of our lives at the moment. If I ever lost it, it could split us up forever...

NICK: Don't say that.
You'll never get away from me.
You can climb the tallest tree.
I'll be there somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's your hat."
But a little thing like that
wouldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if you told me to,
so go on and try.
Just try and you're gonna see
how you're gonna not at all
get away from me.

JUDY: Nick, what do you want from me? I'm doing all I can to keep everything in order right now.

NICK: Not from where I'm standing. You can't juggle life as a cop and a single mother to some furless...ape child we found in a meteor shower. You need help big time.

JUDY: Hey, I've seen worse on the streets with those who weren't prepared to have kids, and yet didn't want to loose them, be they victims of circumstance or other matters...

NICK: True, but at least their kids look like them. Sammy doesn't look like either of us. Heck, she's even bigger than you and she's only a toddler. Sooner or later, she's going to wonder why she doesn't look like anybody around here, and you, and you alone, are going to have to tell her.

JUDY: And then what?

NICK: That's my point. You really can't do this alone. Let me help you with Sammy. I know that one day, she'll be taller than either of us, and yet look at her now. She's already a sensation in Zootopia. Famous before she can walk and talk, for something she won't quite understand. Judy, just let your friends help you. Benny, Gazelle, Fru-fru and even Finn are all keen to lend a paw to help you in this great city.

JUDY: Nick, what do you expect to get from realm of fantasy?

NICK: I'll get what you deserve the most. I even promise to keep my hustling down, and any profit I should make will go towards Sammy's upkeep. Just know that I'd sooner cut off my own tail than to see you loose that child to an orphanage...or worse. Please Judy, I don't want you or Sam to get upset by anything...including your stubbornness.

Nick, I love you, but don't count your chickens.

Come dance with me.

I warn you that I'm no cute thing.

Relax awhile, come dance with me.

So don't think that I'm easy pickin'.

The music's so nice.

Nick, 'cause I just may some day put you behind bars.

Oh, no you don't. No, not a chance.
No arguments, shut up and dance.

(They Dance)

I'll never get away from you.
I could run until I'm pooped.
I'd give in somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's your hat."
But a little
thing like that couldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if I wanted to.

Well, go on and try.
Just try

Ah, Nick.

and you're gonna see

Ah, Nick

how you're gonna not at all

get away from me.
This is another gift for :iconmetroxlr: following this piece for his Zootopia fanfic; ''Timeless to Me''- Zootopia Style

I guess this would happen before the afore mentioned song, possibly just as Judy took in Sammy after finding her, but is having a hard time doing it alone, and Nick wants to help her...yet Judy keeps claiming she can cope, but she has loads of friends within the city willing to help her along - even the vulpus close to her heart...

This based on the song of the same name from Gypsy Rose starring Imelda Staunton and the 5th Doctor Who, Peter Davison;… 
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Mooseman259 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
That was sweet and feels like it has a real nice story behind it. Like who is sammy? Where did she come from? What will life be like for her being the only human in zootopia?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
You're asking the wrong writer here. You'll find details on :iconmetroxlr:'s Zootopia Fanfiction; Zootopia: The Worst Kind of Predator, Part 1

But I'm sure life won't be as different as those in various cartoons or webcomics that have humans living in a furry world (or vise versa)...
Mooseman259 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Perhaps not. I will have to give this story a read. Thanks for telling me of it.
RGZootopiaFan Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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