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ERIS: Laval, why don't you get angry on the outside nowadays, instead of letting it settle in your stomach? It doesn't do a Prince of the Lion Tribe right to make squirting noises on his insides. Makes you look like you've eaten something that didn't agree with you and your stomach is struggling to decide whether or not to keep it down or throw it up. You should tell me these things if they're troubling you. You know I don't like being kept in the dark when your matters are concerned.

LAVAL: Because I'm afraid.

ERIS: Of loosing me?

LAVAL: Of me.

ERIS: What do you mean?

LAVAL: If ever let loose, it could be the end of me...even us.

ERIS: You mean, like the time you got banished for saving our lives when Crooler threw that Persuader Plant root into our campfire?


ERIS: Don't say that.
You'll never get away from me.
You can climb the tallest tree.
I'll be there somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's my cape."
But a little thing like that
couldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if you told me to,
so go on and try.
Just try and you're gonna see
how you're gonna not at all
get away from me.

LAVAL: Eris, what is with you? There are better people out there in Chima more suited to you.

ERIS: Not for me.

LAVAL: Even Rogon's thinks better than I am for you - and he's thicker than 10 fully grown Redwoods bundled together.

ERIS: >Shudders< What a horrible thought! No. He's defiantly not for me.

LAVAL: Then what?

ERIS: You! Laval, just carry on like you've been doing to save Chima. So what if you made a few mistakes in the past? We all know it boiled down to Crooler's doing. And sometimes you're mistakes did great accomplishments. Look what happened you went joyriding in your father's tank. You saved the CHI flow and made an alliance with the Beavers. If we continue like we've been doing, it could last our whole lives.

LAVAL: Eris, what do you expect?

ERIS: I don't expect much. I have most of it already in you, Laval. I've nearly lost you several times since the Civil War started, up till Tormak revealed the old wedding contract, and we both know how you managed to escape that. And when we walk down that aisle together, I promise to keep my promises. Please Laval, without you, the whole balance of Chima is upsetted. You, and you alone are what keeps it all together, even in troubled times...

Eris, I love you, but don't count your CHI Orbs.

Come dance with me.

I warn you that I'm no young cub.

Relax awhile, come dance with me.

So don't think that I'm easy pickings.

The music's so nice.

Eris, you know that some day, I'll be gone without you.

Oh, no you don't. No, not a chance.
No arguments, join me and dance.

I'll never get away from you.
I could roar until I'm blue.
I'd give in somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's your cape."
But a little thing like that
wouldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if you told me to.

Well, go on and try.
Just try...

Ah, Eris.

and you're gonna see...

Ah, Eris

how you're gonna not at all...

Get away from me.
Now this the last of my adaptations of the song of the same name from Gypsy Rosestarring Imelda Staunton and the 5th Doctor Who, Peter Davison:…

This time, it's the main pair of Chima, Laval & Eris express their true feelings for each other, and how in a time of crisis, be it war or family affairs, they would never get away from the other...

Lavris all the way, viewers!

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