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PO: Tigress, why must you always look so grumpy and serious? Why don't you learn to be cheerful like me? It's a wonder that you don't have any friends outside the Furious 5, apart from Prince Zen.

TIGRESS: Because I don't do cheerful. And Prince Zen was an unfortunate (and annoying) accident. I've never really smiled since Master Shifu showed me the Path of Enlightenment when he took me in from the orphanage.

PO: You wowed everybody there. And you showed that you weren't a monster.

TIGRESS: It was just a trick with dominoes. Anybody could do that...even you.

PO: Oh yeah? Well what about the Midnight Stranger? You were just as mushy over him as I am with food.

TIGRESS: That was before I found out he was you. But, then again, you were trying to help out when we were facing anti-Kung Fu problems.

PO: Face it, Tigress. Your life would be kinda empty without me. I maybe black and white, but I'm the dash of colour in your dreary lifestyle. You just don't know how to par-tay.

TIGRESS: I don't need colour in my life, or to "par-tay". And I can do quite well in life without your shenanigans,  kung fu or not.

PO: Aw, don't say that.
You'll never get away from me.
You can climb the tallest peak.
I'll be there somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's our bill."
But a little thing like that
couldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if you told me to,
so go on and try.
Just try and you're gonna see
how you're gonna not at all
get away from me.

TIGRESS: Po, what do you want? There are better ways of life than Kung Fu.

PO: Not for me. Being part of your team's always been my dream.

TIGRESS: There are even better girls out there. I know what happened with Song and the Ladies of the Shade - even if she did fool you just to steal from the Jade Palace - but I won't say I'm jealous...

PO: Yeah, but she's not for me. She's a wanderer and I'm a fighter for justice. For that I need at least someone who shares the same passion, just to hold me down so I don't act too stupid from excitement.

TIGRESS: And who's that? Viper?

PO: No, silly! You! Just let me prove myself, even if I do make mistakes. I know I am worthy of being alongside of you. Just don't help me that it'll hurt me my whole life, that's all...

TIGRESS: Po, what do you expect?

PO: I don't know. Maybe the feeling of accomplishing my dreams, even after all the ups and downs you, I, the whole Jade Palace has faced these last few years. You and I balance each other out. You're the Rock of Reason that holds me down securely, and I'm the Bubble of Youthful Excitement that the Furious 5, you in particular, needed for so long. It's not like I'm asking you to walk down the aisle with me. Please Tigress, just give me a chance. I know you wouldn't want me to change my ways like I tried to once when you went to live with Mistress Mougone and she nearly exhausted you just so you could please her. But just know that next to Kung Fu, you're the thing that means the most to me - and that includes my stomach...

Po, you're something, but don't count your dumplings.

Come dance with me.

I warn you that I'm no shy girl.

Relax awhile, come dance with me.

So don't think that I'm easy pickings.

The music's so nice.

Po, cause I just may some day, punch you on the nose.

Oh, no you don't. No, not a chance.
No arguments, come on and dance.

I'll never get away from you.
I could fight till I collapse.
I'd give in somehow.
True, you could say, "Hey, here's your bags."
But a little thing like that
wouldn't stop me now.

I couldn't get away from you,
even if you told me to.

Well, go on and try.
Just try...

Ah, Po.

and you're gonna see...


Ah, Po

how you're gonna not at all...


Get away from me.
I just came up with this Kung Fu Panda version of this song from Gypsy Rose;… viewing :iconanidragmire:'s TiPo works there...

I think that this suits Po as he continues in trying to win Tigress over, even after all Po put the entire Jade Palace through from "a ridiculous quirk of fate" as Mistress Mougone insulted Po with in "A Tigress Tale".

I had to go through several KFP: Legends of Awesomeness episodes to get the right factors, so we can say that, should KFP ever make a live stage show, then this takes place between the series and KFP 3...
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