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Venus the Christmas Elf Turtle by CCB-18 Venus the Christmas Elf Turtle by CCB-18
This is part of a plotline for :icondark-blossom95:'s story requests; Cold Days and Warm Stories Make the Season Bright! which quickly came to mind, so I hope I've got this in time.

What follows next is the more lengthy edition of the proposed plot...

Venus is preparing to spend her first Christmas as a full family, even if they still have it in the sewers of NYC. She's been helping to decorate the lair in festive apparel; paper chains, coloured lights, decorating the tree in the dojo, stockings around the air vent of the stove, etc (mind you, Mikey's eating the popcorn chain faster than Donny and April can string it) so this all takes place during the last week before Christmas, possibly Christmas Eve.

She has covered everyone in her family except for her mom, Mistress Shard (© Fantasiawandering/
Her gifts to the rest of her family were the following; (these she'd either found among the "chuck-out" piles or from stores so raided that the owner would never know it was missing)
  • For Leo, some rare first editions of Space Heroes Comics (found in a recycle pile behind a comic book store after the Purple Dragons paid it a 'visit')
  • For Mikey, a series of easy cooking cookbooks (so he can make something that sounds and looks more palatable, and not always eat pizzas. It was a set of 10, but she only found 8 - the cooks for drinks and vegetarian dishes were missing)
  • For Raph, a DVD of the comedy movie "Anger Management" (she thought it was a self-help DVD)
  • For Donny, a book on how to chat up women (so Donny can go out with April and talk to her without embarrassing each other)
  • April, a homemade picture frame, decorated with various shiny objects she picked up in the sewers (she washed them first, of course) 
  • Splinter, homemade felt slippers (to keep his feet warm on the cold floors)
But for Shard, she can't think of anything that would either clash with her other presents (making it look unimaginative) or look like she didn't care much, since Shard was brought back to life by the help of an alchemist, who was a close friend (but due to a mix-up with the hair strands that provided the DNA of Tang Shen, she came out a cat)

So, donning the Elf costume (since the Turtles haven't worn any disguises since the 80's series), she secretly goes "top-side" (as she calls it) to look for inspiration - leaving a note, of course (as the Turtles don't go onto the surface during the daytime except on Halloween). Once above, Venus is bewitched by the lights, the music, the decorations and the wonder that has befallen the city during this time of year - and thanks to her costume, no one pays her a second glance.

However, during her wanderings, she glances into many store windows to look for gifts for Shard, but they are either too tacky for Shard's taste, too expensive (her money consists of that fallen through the grate or her allowance in yen - no good, even in Chinatown) or stereotypical for her, since Shard is a cat (after all, Splinter does have a cheese-phone).
So enthralled is she that she wanders to the Rockafeller Centre, where they're housing their Christmas market. Before she can slip away to head back down the sewers, she accosted by the man in charge of the Santa Grotto, thinking she'd been sent by the agency as they were a few Elves short. Venus agrees to accept the task, asking for cash payment (the manager half-heartily agrees), so Venus spends the next few hours entertaining the crowds and assisting them in and out of the grotto, all the time listening to their problems and wishes.

Back at the lair meanwhile, it's almost dinner time, the lair is about decorated and Venus is nowhere to be seen. Raph, upon being asked has "no idea where that little pipsqueak is" as she kept getting in his way when hanging the tinsel and almost tripped him up with the fairylights across the turnstile entrance, so he was happy she'd been out of his way for a while (he still has no respect for Venus since she wasn't born an original turtle; A Comic Strip Lineart). Upon Leo asking where she could've gone, April turns up with Venus's note she'd just found and says "Topside" and reads the note she'd left. Worried that Venus could be lost and/or in trouble, Donny informs them that the tassel on Venus's hat contains a hidden tracker, so it was easy to find her. 

At the Market, it's now dark, snowing and everything is closing down. The Grotto is also closed, and Venus is left alone on the steps. The manager asks if she needs help to get home, when a figure arrives, places a gloved hand on her right shoulder, and says he'll take her home. She looks up, and sees it's Splinter dresses as Santa (see; Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!), at which the manager doesn't take another glance but again think's he from another agency, impressed by his costume, and as an extra thanks, along with the $25 he'd already given Venus, she presents them with one of the Christmas Tree Angels (which looks very much like Tang Shen when she was alive).

As the two leave hand-in-hand, Venus explains why she'd gone out, but Splinter says he doesn't mind since she had good intentions and a heart of gold to match. At this, Venus spies a heart-shaped locket with a Ying-Yang pattern on it on the display stand of a closing jewellery stall, which she buys at $5 (a discount since Venus had been sending visitors to the Grotto to the Market Stalls, and yet nobody wanted it) along with a small turkey for $10 from the butcher stall (the very last one, but also as a thanks).

Later, Venus and Splinter return to the lair, in the style of Tiny Tim and Bob Crockett in A Christmas Carol, the Turtles, April and Shard rejoice to see her okay and home safely. In the end, Splinter, Shard and Venus top the tree with the Angel, and Venus presents Shard with the locket... a merry Christmas had by one and all in the lair.


Mind you, I'm not if any generations of TMNT ever did a Christmas episode, whilst the closet might've been their live Christmas musical;… following their "Coming out of their Shells" tour (I know the Next Mutation wasn't around long enough, whilst several episodes from the 80's series did have several winter-based adventures, I cannot yet find a Christmas adventure) and whilst the :iconnickelodeon-plz: series produced a TMNT Halloween Special DVD, I wonder if they'll be doing a Christmas one too... 

Venus Design © :iconmomo-no-ji:
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