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VPC Bear by CCB-18 VPC Bear by CCB-18
...Or Volunteer Police Constable Bear, for a better phrasing.

After watching several Rupert episodes on YouTube, as well as viewing the works of :iconthe-waxbadger: & :iconlucifertheshort: I came up with this fun illustration. I was also inspired by the Police Academy movies and the Simpsons episode "The Springfield Connection". 

The basis of this follows on from Season 5 episode "Rupert & the Great Mephisto", as we see Constable Growler swamped with paperwork from burgled citizens of Nutwood, but also has the hint of Season 4 episode "Rupert & Mum's Adventure" where we learn there's more to Mrs Bear's character than just being a housewife and mother.

With crime-waves building up in the surrounding villages, and the Fox Twins constantly playing pranks in Nutwood, poor Growler's rushed off his feet and can't be everywhere at once. During a visit in Nutchester, Mr Bear lets himself get mugged by a trickster, but it's Mrs Bear who chases the crook, corners him in a blind ally then, using her athletic skills, volts over him with a nearby washing pole and then clobbers him with a dustbin lid before he can react. Surprisingly, she feels good about it.

Later on in Nutwood, she sees the trouble Growler's having in keeping up with everything so she makes a decision for herself.

She returns home in her overcoat with announcement to her husband and son. She reveals the uniform she's wearing under the coat, and retrieves the helmet she had in her handbag. She'd joined the Police as an auxiliary policewoman. (Thankfully, Growler gives her enough training that it's all done in one afternoon)

Now, she and Growler take it in turns to patrol the village, with Growler on the beat and Mrs Bear in the Police Station doing the paperwork one day, and the next day, it's the other way round.

This helps out Growler enormously and soon, not only is all the paperwork sorted, but the Police Station's been cleaned up, thanks to Mrs Bear. 

It's during this time, that Growler gives her tickets for herself and 7 family members/friends to attend a Police Convention in London. Mrs Bear goes along with Rupert, Bill, Ottoline, Edward, Podgy, Pong-Ping & Tigerlily (who are going to share international Police customs) to it, along with the Professor, who's demonstrating some new inventions he'd developed for the Police Force, and not only bump into Francis from Sandy Bay (who was invited due to her effort in helping to retrieve the Tiger's Eye Ruby) but a Liverpudlian Policewoman Rabbit on a motorcycle, who has a dream about equalness in the Force. 

However, things take a turn for the worse when some thieves crash the convention in an attempt to get back a camera the Professor accidentally picked up at the station, that contains stolen diamonds. The discovery of the diamonds lands the Professor in trouble as he's taken hostage, but Rupert and friends don't intend to give up that easily. During this, Rupert finds out that their new police-rabbit friend turns out to be just a parking meter maid, ridiculed by her own precinct* because of what she believes in, and never getting a chance to fulfil her dream. She was only an acting-sergeant whilst she attended the convention...but thanks to Rupert, VPC Bear and his chums, everything soon turns out okay for all of them - including medals of valour from London.

(* = Sounds familiar?)

NOTE: The base for this belongs to :iconthe-waxbadger: on his caricature of Constable Baverstock from the Season 1 episode "Rupert & Growler". I just edited it to fit Mrs Bear's head on.

Hope you like this, viewers.

Rupert © Alfred Bestall/Daily Express/Nelvana
The-WaxBadger Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017   Writer
Interesting story, nice way to develop her character.  Glad to see new people into Rupert on DA. :-)
LuciferTheShort Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2017  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, I get it now. Zootopia reference!
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