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JUDY: I don't know anymore, Nick. Being an unwed single working mother of a child that isn't even my own, but from some other world. What am I going to do when she gets older and starts asking questions I'm not ready to tell her the truth about? What will my parents think of me? If being the ridicule of the ZPD because of my own size and species wasn't enough to start with in my police career, to come home and find you and that vixen's arms!

NICK: Aw, Carrots. Come on, Judy. How could I ever?

JUDY: Well, she is very glamorous. She makes me feel so...out of line with it all.

NICK: Nonsense! Judy, you're anything but that. You brought a dangerous criminal to justice, even when she threw everything to distract you from fame to depression in your path. You proved that predators and prey can be sociable, even if it took you a long time to figure it out. And you found and took in a child no one else would, even if we know nothing about her species or origins. And you're willing to care and love her, even if you're unmarried and unprepared. You're as bouncy as a bed spring. Besides that vixen meant nothing to me. In fact, she was coming onto me! I was rejecting her! I have eyes for nobody else but you Judy.

JUDY: I'm not talking to you, dumb fox.

Styles keep a-changin'
Views are re-arrangin'
But Judy, you're timeless to me
Standards seem shorter
An ice cone costs 3 dollars
But time cannot take what comes free

You're like a smelly old cheese, hun
(JUDY: >Gasp<)
Just gettin' riper with age
You're like a nasty disease, bun

(JUDY: What?! Judy Hopps - Icon )
But there's no cure
So let this fever rage

Some folks can't stand it
Say time's like a weasel
But I take the opposite view
Cause when I need a lift
Time brings a gift
Another day with you
A hustle or bust
It's all the same thing
With just a change in the point-of-view
You'll never be old hat
That's that!
You're timeless to me

JUDY: Oh, Nick!
Predators are friendly
Sheep can be deadly
And yet Nick, you're timeless to me
Hairdos are higher
My ears feel like wire
But you say I'm sweet as can be!

You're like a rare vintage ripple

(NICK: Thank you)
An ice cream they'll never forget
So give me a scoop or two or triple

(NICK: Any time!)
As we enjoy the fact we ain't down yet!
(NICK: What?)
As cops, I'm the smallest
Your jokes need believing

(NICK: Hey)
As soon you'll have nothing at all
(NICK: Never)
So, you'll turn your leaf
While I am the Chief Young Judy Hopps - Icon 
Hey! Pass that Golden Watch! Judy - Icon 

(NICK: Might look like a dinner plate on you Nick - Icon )

Miss Gazelle, she has class
Mr Big has got brass
But they all pass eventually
You'll never be passe

Hip hooray!
You're timeless to me

Judy - Icon (They dance in the street. They go from a shuffle to a tango and end in a ballroom dance)Nick - Icon 

You're like an over-used Mustang

All I need is a fresh coat of paint

And Judy, you got me goin' hot and whizz-bang!
Stubborn and short,
(JUDY: What?!)
but Carrots, boring you ain't!

Judy and Nick - Icon 

Some folks don't get it
But we never fret it
'Cause we know that time is our friend
Yeah! It's plain to see
That you're stuck with me
Until the bitter end
Nick and Judy - Icon 
And we've got a girl
Who's makin' a whirl
In Zootopia's history

Judy and Nick - Icon 

You'll always hit the spot
Big shot!
You're timeless to me

You'll always be du jour
Mon amour
You're timeless to me

Judy - Icon You'll always be first string

Officer Nick Wilde - Icon Ring-a-ding-ding!

Judy and Nick - Icon You're timeless to me

You're timeless to me

You're timeless to me

You're timeless to me!!

JUDY: Oh, Nick...Judy - Icon 
This piece is a Christmas present & a dedication to :iconmetroxlr99: for his Zootopia Fanfic; Zootopia: The Worst Kind of Predator, Part 1, as well as his upcoming plans for said movie fanfics; Zootopia Fanfiction Retcon Question.

Recently, I've been watching the musical Hairspray with John Travolta, and this song came to my mind for Nick & Judy, as well as the aid to the basis of the story. Basically, Sammy's story was the high-point in all of Zootopia's news, only someone (with the vixen mentioned) wanted Sammy for their own purpose, thinking she had some form of alien power. So the vixen tried to get the answers out of Nick when Judy, coming home from work, burst in on them and found two foxes going at it like rabbits in a junkyard (for give the pun) when really Nick was trying to resist her....thankfully both lapin and vulpine were able to patch the mishap between them.

I wasn't sure if Nick and Judy were married before they found Sammy during the meteor shower, so my guess is Nick was planning to propose to Judy when it all happened, then other events happened that made Judy unintentionally procrastinate Nick, but it wasn't till infant Sammy was kidnapped along with Gazelle (who was trying to protect her when she and Benny were babysitting her at the time), then rescued by Judy and Nick leading a SWAT team, flanked by some of Mr Big's men and Gazelle's Tiger Boys, that Nick finally popped the question to Judy...and gave Sammy a full (if somewhat mixed-up) family.
MetroXLR Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I am not too familiar with 'Hairspray', so I am taking this with a pinch of salt.

I appreciate the 'gift', and the work that went into all this.
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