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This landscape, this war'try void
This landscape of land submerged
This landscape, all deep, all wide
This landscape of being denied

Even in the longest tunnels
train tracks are shim'ring
But not within this landscape of blue increase
This landscape, without surcease

Even in the thickest fog banks
Stands a lonely lighthouse
But not within this landscape of seas unbound
This landscape, without a sound

Even in the Fazbot Fact'ries
There is something moving
But not within this landscape, this all-below
This landscape, this land unknown...
I got the idea for this song, by basing it on the Gothic Archies' song "This Abyss" from ASoUE #6 "The Ersatz Elevator";…

I had also been watching H2O Magical Mermaids episodes on NETFLIX, and got the idea of a future Thunderbirds-type Road Rovers title sequence spoof, in which Road Rover Agent Sirius (aka Warrior the Star Tug) along with Grampus, working for National Geographic, following another adventure where the tugboat and the midget submarine first reunited, need to save a preserved coral reef, as well as the island it surrounds, from being bombarded to pieces by a NATO Naval fleet under the command of a bombastic Naval Tug (whom the pair know of old) first with the help of three mermaids & the reef's inhabitants and then calling in the Rovers to help in the Sub-Rover...

The song reflects the first impressions Warrior and Grampus have upon seeing the coral reef, before they first meet Cleo, Emma & Ricky as mermaids, and reflect on what else may resemble a coral reef.

NOTE: Now I have to admit, the only drawback the song on the album has was that it didn't contain the instrumental tracks as found on the audio books;… (1:07 - 1:50)
OliviaDragonGirl Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student Artist
I can imagine that the star fleet are at the bottom of the sea having an adventure.
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2018   General Artist
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