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The 'Forever' Preggos #1

This was a piece I did back in 2010, dedicated to :iconpregfurs:, :icondarrencax:, and some of my favourite pregfur artists :iconwallaroo:, :icondanellz: and to those who's pregnancies I've admired and have seemed to have gone on forever...hence the title.

Chemic © :icondarrencax:
Ophelia Rabbit, Kora Koala, Lovey, Marigold & Pin © :iconwallaroo: & their players
Makojin, Mousey, & Sandy ©…  , :iconmakoyoushida: & their players
Kathy © :icondanellz: 
Cy © :iconevertide:
Danielle © :iconbholbrook:/:iconkevinandkell:
Tavatania © Albert Temple/Gene Catlow
Nancy © Annoymousfox
Bridgette © :icona-fraser:
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Yay, it's little Nancy from Leokitsune!!!111
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Haha, I thank you for your vote of "favorite" for Cy there, although her pregnancy DID end (as did the stories, sadly but truly).  I'm always surprised by how many people still remember, and still like, her...sometimes I wonder if her player knows, too...
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Thank you for your vote. But, it does state that some of characters's pregnancies are ones I've admired, even after they are long since over...
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...Ah, yes.  You did.  Sorry, that's what I get for thinking about how to respond when I'm at work and don't have it in front of me to read at that moment: I look dumb ^^;