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T.U.F.F Screens - Skythrust



Following another request from :icongadgetnatic83:, another aircraft from Thunderbirds receives the T.U.F.F Screens treatment.
KESWICK: Agent Katswell, Agent Puppy, may I presa-sa-sa-sa-sa-sent to you the latest model in air-air-air-aircaft safety; Skythrust!

DUDLEY: What's so special about this plane?

KITTY: The Skythrust can be used for other purposes than just a passenger liner. It's currently adapted to host a fashion show, which yours truly is taking part in once it lands at Petropolis International Airport.

DUDLEY: How's it any safer?

KITTY: The design of this plane is a major contribution to fire prevention safety in air travel.

DUDLEY: I still don't see how?

KITTY: Well, you see that humped back where the tail is?


KITTY: Well, imagine the plane was to make an emergency landing at a major airport, the landing gear has failed, and there's, say, 50,000 gallons of fuel still on board?

KESWICK: Normally a pla-pla-pla-pla-plane has about 50-50 chance of not going ka-ka-kaboom when carrying out such a landing, but with Skythrust it's di-di-di-di-different.

KITTY: You see, the humped tail carries the fuel tanks, so just before Skythrusts lands, the tanks are ejected by thruster rockets and taken up to a certain height.

KESWICK: And then ba-ba-boom!

DUDLEY: "Bare their bums"?

KITTY: <Graons> No, Dudley! The tanks are remotely detonated and the excess fuel goes up with it.

DUDLEY: It's that a bit of a waste?

KITTY: Kinda, but it reduces the risks of incinerating the plane and all on board. Just think of reduction of fire hazards!

DUDLEY: I suppose that does make it sound better to travel by air. Say, Kitty?

KITTY: Yeah, Dudley?

DUDLEY: Did you say you were taking part in the fashion show? 

KITTY: Yeah, I can't wait to see the new look by Senior Ollivaras!

DUDLEY: That wasn't the same guy who's party we crashed after your sister Katty broke out of jail again?

KITTY: Indeed. Why you asked?

DUDLEY: Nothing, but I think you might be in for a bit of a shock and a disappointment.

KESWICK: By-by-by-by the way? How did Katty escape this ta-ta-ta-ta-time?

KITTY: Apparently four guys busted her out. All had the same facial features, each one taller than the last, but dumber than the first. According to the guards, the tallest was the dumbest and the shortest was the most fieriest. Rookie Agent Madam Katastrophe is currently tailing them, so they could be still in the Petropolis area...
So two questions remain for you viewers to answer;

1. Who was it that busted Katty Katswell out of prison. (Look at the descriptions and it may come to you)

2. What did Dudley mean to Kitty about being shocked by the new look? (Based on a Kim Possible episode when she accidentally inspired a struggling fashion designer after crashing one of his reception parties)

The rest of the episode follows the Thunderbirds episode "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker", that debuted Skythrust.

Base © :iconnickelodeon-plz: (Edited by Me)
Skythrust © Gerry Anderson
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