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T.U.F.F Screens - Fireflash



Following another request from :icongadgetnatic83:, he asked me to do a T.U.F.F screens, with Gerry Anderson's answer to the Concorde, the Fireflash of Thunderbirds, though I used an image he sent me previously instead of the recent one.
KITTY: There it is, Dudley. The Fireflash! Magnificent, isn't it?

DUDLEY: Well, what's so special about this airplane? 

KITTY: Dudley, not only is this passenger liner atomic-powered, but it can fly at 6 times the speed of sound. 

KESWICK: Th-th-tha-that's right, Agent Kitty. It ca-ca-ca-can cover the distance between London to Tokyo in less tha-tha-tha-than 6 hours.

KITTY: And with atomic motors, it can stay airborne for 6 months without coming down. How impressive is that?

DUDLEY: Oh yeah? Well, I bet there's a catch in there somewhere.

KESWICK: If you think tha-tha-tha-that that catch is D.O.O.M is ge-ge-ge-getting their dirty hands on it, you're not fa-fa-fa-far from it. That's why T.U.F.F has be-be-be-been assigned to sa-sa-sa-sa-sa-safeguard the Fireflash when it arrives at Petropolis airport tomorrow.
However, D.O.O.M is far from the catch Dudley was thinking of...

Base © :iconnickelodeon-plz: (Edited by Me)
Fireflash © Gerry Anderson
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