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Simla the Mountain Railcar by CCB-18 Simla the Mountain Railcar by CCB-18
I'd recently been reading Paul Therox's Great Railway Bazzar (having only the audio books at first, one abridged on audio cassette and one unabridged on CD), but I found the book most interesting, if a bit lengthy in places (as well as risque towards the Orient). 

One of his chapters describes a route taken on the Kalka line to Simla through the mountains via a railcar, as apposed to the toy train that also ran on the line.

So here, I came up with an OC for the Culdee Fell Mountain Railway.

NAME: Simla (named after the mountain town he stopped at)



CAPACITY OF PASSENGERS: 12, plus driver & guard. (15 tops)

REASON OF PURCHASE: A trail run, but fully purchased for Culdee Fell after a more modern railcar replaced him back home.

PERSONALITY: Curious, cheerful and always with a bit of wisdom he learned from his old line. Has a habit of calling everybody "Sahib". He's certainly nothing like Daisy when she first arrived and although he's not designed to pull or push any wagons, he feels like he can still carry on with whatever task he's set. This also doesn't leave him superior to the other coaches. 

FUNCTION: Mountain Railcar. Described (to quote the book itself, as; "...a white squarish machine, with the face of a Model-T Ford, and the body of an old bus. Mounted low on the narrow-gauge track and had the look of a battered limousine...". His mountings include a cog-&-rack system for such lines.

STARTER MODE: A Crank-Handle on his side. This causes him to shake and cough then judder and smoke as his engine whines.

SPEED: A Steady 10 miles an hour. 20 mph would almost be pushing it for him.

PURPOSE: He can carry passengers, but his duties also include delivering mail and goods for the top station. This doesn't mean Simla's put the Truck out of business as he can only carry small loads, and not things like rails.

FOIBLES: Whilst he can easily handle mountain tracks, he's never gone straight up a mountain or even straight down in reverse. He can go backwards, but only by using switchbacks and for short distances. So far, there have been no plans to install turntables at either end of the line, but this doesn't deter him from his duties. However, because of him just being a motorised carriage, and unable to carry as many passengers as the other coaches do, Patrick called him "Simple Simla" and it stuck for a while, till Simla made a frantic dash up the mountain to bring doctor to a nearby mountain camp during a bout of food poisoning when no other engines were free, the manager re-dubbed him as "Splendid Simla".

Face © :iconslickdoodleguy: (whom I still respect, even though he recently soiled a rare Bachmann Model)

Hope you fans like it.
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