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Silver Streakers Uniform by CCB-18 Silver Streakers Uniform by CCB-18
This is a follow-up from what I mentioned here; about the Rovers getting a fighter plane squad of their own; the Silver Streakers. At first, they consist of Hunter's sisters, but soon others join, so that 5 are in combat, whilst another 5 remain at base, acting as Reserve Rovers.

They're based largely on the Angels from Captain Scarlet, with the uniform jackets based on the original series, whilst board their aircraft is based on a mix of the original and the CGI series (only without the robotic runway crew).

As viewers can see, the majority of the uniform is a standard Road Rover uniform, with the jetpack helmet Colleen wore in "A Few Bugs in the System"; Colleen Flying Rocket Kick, special magnetic clamps on the boots (which come in handy for keeping legs on place when ejecting) and a lightweight jacket which is thermally controlled, and lined in Kevlar (so it's fire, water and bulletproof). The Rover's tags are worn on the outside, whilst the actually collar is tucked under the jacket collar, though the epaulettes on the jackets will indicate incoming calls whilst on missions. Note the "R"'s in the collar buttons, and the Rover insignia on the cuffs.

NOTE: If the subject of head hair comes to mind, should viewers want to draw their Rovers OCs in this, then long hair like Colleen's hangs down from under the helmet, or for those with ponytails, a hole at the back near the bottom is located for the ponytail to be threaded through.

ARTIST'S NOTICE: This is for female Rovers only. No Males allowed.

Hope you viewers like it.
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner May 25, 2017   General Artist
Looks interesting.
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May 25, 2017
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