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The plot goes as follows;

Sabrina is working late at Double Z Studios, probably finishing of some graphics. The place in darkness, apart from the light of Sabrina's screen and a few dim floorlights. Even though Sabrina thinks she's alone, she has the feeling she's being watched - and she's not wrong.

For from doorways, over and around cubicles, under desks and from around wall corners, within the shadows, are the girls of Double Z, dressed as the girls from FNIA are sneaking up on Sabrina, ready to jump her:
  • ZigZag - Freddy
  • Tina Lynx- Bonnie
  • Shelia Vixen - Foxy
  • Tammy Vixen - Mangle
  • Stacey Skunkette - Balloon Girl 
  • Tracey Tailor - Balloon Boy
  • Cathy Kitana - Marionette
  • Helen Dish - Chica
  • Darke Katt - Springtrap
(Though ZigZag's more intending to jumplove Sabrina rather than jumpscare her)

Course, this is all just a Halloween joke on Sabrina, who's fed up with ZigZag's pranks to get into her arms. She knows the girls are spying and creeping up on her, yet she's thinking; "The things I do to get out of Trick-or-Treating with Tabitha(!)", mind you she is unaware that Tabitha and Timmy are cosplaying there as FNAF plushies; Tabitha as Golden Freddy and Timmy as Golden Bonnie, but they're just propped up on a nearby countertop.
This is a project for the webcomic creator Eric W. Schwartz (aka EWS), the creator of Sabrina Online. I wrote this to him earlier on this month, but haven't heard back yet on his FA account (and I can't find any contact details on his webcomic page)

I really do enjoy his webcomic
, and I do have this idea for a Halloween Image Project he maybe interested in.

It's a crossover of Sabrina Online meeting Five Nights in Anime, alternatively entitled "Five Nights at ZigZag's".

After viewing this yourselves, how does that sound to you?

And if anybody knows of any other way to get hold of Eric, then do please let me know so I can forward this to him...

Characters © EWS/:iconewschwartz: (Eric W. Schwartz) &:iconmaxblackrabbit:
© Scott Cawthon? (Don't know who owns FNiA)
© 2016 - 2021 CCB-18
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When is it gonna be posted?
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I was actually going to let either :iconews: or :iconmaxblackrabbit: do it.

They are far better at doing it than myself.