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Rovers Office Screens - The Daltons by CCB-18 Rovers Office Screens - The Daltons by CCB-18
I've been watching a guy called Jeffrey Kitsch/:iconjeffreykitsch: on YouTube a lot recently. He does reviews on movies and cartoon series, chronicles on certain characters in cartoons and "Book vs TV Episode" videos on YouTube (though I wish he'd tone down the bad language a bit).

One of his interests is the Wild West cartoon Lucky Luke, by Maurice "Morris" De Bevere (with some stories written by Rene Goscinny from Asterix the Gaul), and I too have been watching the English versions on YouTube, and I have to say, it got me thinking...
Here, the Rovers are given their latest mission: recapture the notorious Dalton Brothers; a gang of four men, all of whom look alike, but are each taller than the first, and each smarter than the last.

The gang consists of; 
  • Joe, the shortest, the oldest brother and the leader, with a very fiery temper and a habit of having a breakdown if things don't go his way.
  • Averell, the tallest, the youngest and the dumbest of them all, who's only thought is around food and who's habit is to mess every job up and make stupid remarks.
  • William & Jack, the middle two, who praise Joe on his latest schemes, constantly tell Averell to shut up and stopping the formal from killing the lateral.
They had recently escaped from jail in Colorado, possibly aided by persons yet unknown to the Rovers, with the only clue being the remains a note found in the remains of the cell they blasted out from with only two words that survived; "Paltryville" and "Mill". Sadly, the town had become a ghost town when the last surviving business had closed down.

Can you guess where the Daltons may be hiding out in? And would the Rovers be able to take these guys down as Lucky Luke once did? Or would the Daltons would be more depressed with the Rovers defeating them?

NOTE: These guys would be the descents of the original Daltons, following on in their footsteps...

Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Daltons © 
Morris & Xilam Animation Co.
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018   General Artist
Hah hah! Nice! :thumbsup:
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