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Rovers Office Screens - Squawkencluck by CCB-18 Rovers Office Screens - Squawkencluck by CCB-18
Following my recent entry of this; Rovers Office Screens - The Daltons I've come up with another rescue mission for the Rovers.
MASTER: Okay, Rovers. We've got another rescue on our hands. But this is a tough one with a different client. (The screen lights up) This is Professor Izzadora Squaken.

COLLEEN: Cor blimey! Wot 'appened to 'er, then?

MASTER: Izzadora was one of my assistants when I first built the Transdogmifier. She too saw a great benefit in it, like many others, but she wanted to experiment with other animals. She had managed to build a working replica in my old laboratories and had it sent over in England, with hopes to use the project for MI5, and began her work with birds. Sadly, when she got as far as using a quail for her work, the machine backfired on her.

EXILE: So, she is stuck like that?

MASTER: I'm afraid so. Her own device was destroyed, and try as she might, she couldn't reverse its effects. 

HUNTER: Why's that?

MASTER: Because before that occurred, Parvo doubled-crossed me, and so all my secrets and plans were supposedly lost to the world. So Izzadora was never able to repair the machine. After that, she got stuck with the name "Squawkencluck" from the few who saw her in her new form and was hidden away from the public. Rumour has it she's still working for MI5, making gadgets and spy vehicles - but because of her bird-like form, she's not taken seriously.

COLLEEN: So wot's this gotta do with us?

MASTER: Seems Squawkencluck was kidnapped from her home recently. It could be possible that she still retains some data about the Transdogmifier and that's what they're after. She tried to radio for help on a transmitter she probably had on her, but the signal was feeble and soon went offline. Thankfully, we managed to pick it up in the Space Rover. According to Duke, she message contained that she's being held prisoner in a darkened chamber under a very tall shaft. You may need the Burrow-Rover and Jetpacks for this job. Once you're skyborn, the Space Rovers will give you details of Squawkencluck's location. You'd better move quickly. She might not hold out for long. For all we know, it was Parov who's planned all this...


Can you viewers guess where Squawkencluck might be held captive? (HINTS: 66 floors. And the shaft is ersatz)

Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Squawkencluck © 
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2018  Student Writer
No idea. 
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, either read Lemony Snicket or watch Netflix at the end of the month...
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