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Rovers Office Screens - Newest Mission



MASTER: "Okay, Rovers. I have a special assignment for all of you. Presenting the UltraBlimp Mark 2, the most luxurious aircraft outside of Concorde ever built. The blimp's main purpose is to reintroduce the zeppelin as a mode of mass transportation, mostly for those who like to fly, but cannot stand plane travel. Its main test flight will be from Coney Island, Brookland to Beverly Hills, California, where the most richest teenagers in the whole country have invested in the development."

COLLEEN: "Cor Blimey! 'Ow'd you keep something like that up in the air?"

MASTER: "It contains a Cold Fusion Reactor, which could be devastating in the wrong hands, should the craft be hijacked. The Ultrablimp will only be carrying 2 passengers for this flight. One is Bling-Bling, the Social Media Panda, who's to take part in an important peace-conference between North and South Guatemala in Beverly Hills. The other is his assigned protector, Dr Harley Quinzel, alias Harley Quinn, a psychologist and former villainous henchperson now turned vigilante heroine. She's still reported to have a few screws loose and can easily get distracted and go over the top with her combat skills."

EXILE: "Mother Russia, that's one crazy cuckoo-birdy lady."

HUNTER: "So, what's our mission to be, Master?"

MASTER: Very simple. Your mission is in three parts;

1) Guard the Ultrablimp's Reactor at all costs.

2) Ensure Bling-Bling arrives at the Peace Conference, so fill out for Harley if she's out of it.

and 3) Make sure the Ultrablimp arrives safely.

That is all"

I've been watching the new Inspector Gadget NETFLIX cartoons on YouTube, as well as reading Harley Quinn graphic novels and I couldn't help but come up with this meme.

I just wonder that if WB ever animate Harley's comics into a series, like Batman the Animated Series, would they tone down the violence and gore that take place in them?

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz: 
Harley Quinn © DC Comics
Others © NETFLIX
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