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Rovers Office Screens - Nayana by CCB-18 Rovers Office Screens - Nayana by CCB-18
Following my recent entries with this, I came up with this. I'm also giving this as a late Easter gift for :icon101dalfan:, who does some splendid 101 Dalmatians fanarts, especially anthro.
MASTER: Okay Rovers, we've got ourselves a mystery on our hands, as well as a mysterious character. (Image on Nayana appears on screen). This dalmatian lady suddenly turned up at the National Bank in Calcutta and somehow managed to entice one of the cashiers into letting her clear out all the safe deposit boxes. When the cashier was examined later, they found no mark or sign of foul play on him.

EXILE: So, how did she do it?

MASTER: Several witnesses, as well as security cameras shows that she hypnotised him. Some even swore they noticed she spoke with a hissing voice - and they saw a snake's forked-tongue protrude from her mouth. A member of the Indian Herpetological Society claimed that those were the characteristic actions of the python.

BLITZ: Und himmel! A dog viff snake tendencies?! Vhatever next? A rabbit in a police uniform?

HUNTER: D'you think she might be another of Parvo's experiments?

MASTER: Not sure, Hunter. But whoever she might be working for, she's certainly trickier than Milday, and twice as deadly as Olaf and Diesel 10 mixed together. Statistics show she might be heading for the Taj Mahal. You'd better stop her before she empties it out of its national treasures.

COLLEEN: Don't worry, Master. We'll crack the mystery behind this devious dalmatian. And protect the Taj Mahal too...
Let's hope the Rovers will be able to counteract Nayana's mystic powers. (I have a feeling Colleen will, but Blitz'll probably be the first to fall under...)

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Nayana © :icon101dalfan:
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