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Rovers Office Screens - BonBon by CCB-18 Rovers Office Screens - BonBon by CCB-18
Since :iconmdtartist83: beat me to start the ball rolling with my latest Road Rovers Meme, I'll carry on with this latest batch I started on Monday evening and finished just last night.

As I said previously, folks can use this screen not just as a rouge's gallery.

To start the ball off in my corner, we have BonBon of the Fazbooty Girls. It seems she's gone missing following a recent mechanical check-up and a raid by some uncouth bikers on Fredericka Fazbooty's Parlour. 

Could it be possible that, like in Cars 2, was something vital passed onto BonBon during her examination when no one was looking, like a mini disk? Or did she have something downloaded into her memory banks that could lead to ridding the streets of a notorious crime-spree? Or did she pick up something that contained an unlimited amount of money, such as a rare and valuable stamp, like in the Murder She Wrote Season 5 episode 1 "J.B as in Jailbird"? Or like in "The Dog Who Knew Too Much" had she seen something she oughtn't have had and was now on the run because of it?

Neither the less, the Rovers have to locate this voluptuous blue-&-white bookworm bunny and place her in their protective custody.

I'm sure these guys can handle her (so long as Blitz keeps his hot eyes and cold hands to himself)...

Screenshot © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
BonBon © :iconinfernox-ratchet:/:icondisembowell:
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2018   General Artist
Excellent work here. I think BonBon is a perfect subject for this.
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