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Rovers Office Screens - Animalympic Island by CCB-18 Rovers Office Screens - Animalympic Island by CCB-18
With the Commonwealth Games about to take place in Australia, I thought of doing something relatively similar. So, here are the Rovers getting their latest mission, knowing that failure may result in international conflict.
MASTER: Okay, Rovers. This is your new assignment. This is Animalympic Island. Home of the Animal Olympics. Now, word has reached the UN that there is a threat to destroy Paw-Print Stadium, the very Heart of these Games. With all those nations in one area, an incident like that could be catastrophic.

COLLEEN: Cor blimey! 'Oo'd be off their ravin' nut to do a thing like that?

MASTER: That we're still unsure off. I don't know if anybody on that island knows they're in danger.

HUNTER: So why don't United Nations do something about it?

MASTER: That's the problem. No humans are allowed on that island whilst the Games are going on. In fact, I'm not even sure if humans are allowed on the island period. That's where you Rovers come in.

EXILE: You mean we get to compete in the Animalympics too?

MASTER: No. With all your superpowers, that could raise questions and make us look like we're cheating. Only Colleen will be taking part as a competitor. With her combat skills, she's to take part in the Martial Arts contest, as well as Gymnastics. She'll pose as a late entry from Great Britain, named Margret Downing. Hunter, you will pose as her manager, Exile, you're to be her coach, and Shag will be her lackey, fetching and carrying for her and all that. This way, you may be able to search the stadium without bringing any attention to yourselves.

BLITZ: Vhat about me? Vhere do I come in?

MASTER: You Blitz? You're her punchbag(!) Colleen's got to have some dummy to practice on, after all.

(The others laugh whilst Blitz sulks)

HUNTER: Will Muzzle be coming with us? He might be able to sniff out the bomb or even stop the saboteur.

MASTER: Normally, I'd be against that, but yes, Muzzle will be going with you as well. But I suggest that he searches in unpopulated areas or deserted corridors. We don't want to cause panic or create a scene by people seeing a mad dog in muzzle and straitjacket hopping about everywhere on a trolley.

EXILE: Understandable. Is there anything else we should know before arrival?

MASTER: Yes. Whilst humans aren't allowed on Animalypmic Island, I have managed to get two Rover Agents already secluded within. One's competing in the games, the other's a member of the news team covering the events. Other than that, I cannot tell you who they are, but they will know you. This way we have all bases covered.

HUNTER: How will we know who are the Rover Agents?

MASTER: By a simple coded message. At any time, either one of them'll come up you, and ask "Aren't you a bit late to be entering?", to which you'll reply that you got "held up by smog in Beverly Hills". To which their response will be "Then next time, you should set your clocks ahead of the smog". Hopefully, this way were might be able to avoid our covers being blown.

BLITZ: Dat's it? Dat just stinks!

EXILE: Suppose you could do better, weird boy?

MASTER: (Ignoring Blitz's comment) You'll take the Sky Rover to Los Angeles International Airport, where you'll pick up a charter civilian plane to Animalympic Island.

HUNTER: I get it. If we took our regular Rover Aircrafts, the bomber would know we'd be onto them before we'd even started.

MASTER: Precisely, Hunter. Good luck Rovers, and don't worry about not bringing back a Gold Medal. Just saving the stadium and preventing conflict will be enough for all of us.

 Can you viewers guess who are the Rover Agents hidden within the Animalympics? (CLUE: One will look like a member of the Rovers, but the second one won't, but has some pretty fence-y skills)

Road Rovers © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Animalympic Island © Lisberger Studios Inc
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Student Writer
Was this inspired by Tracy Island?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
No, but the movie Animalympics...
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