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Rosie and LEGO Friends Motivator by CCB-18 Rosie and LEGO Friends Motivator by CCB-18
ANSWER: When they are given makeovers they DON'T need!


This was something I just learned yesterday from renowned :iconlegoplz: reviewer, Just2Good;…

It seems that :iconlegoplz: Friends gang will be facing design changes in 2018, and the reviewer's not having it. (Do please see video to get full details)

This sudden change brought to my mind about what's happened to poor Rosie in Thomas & Friends; giving an upgrade that wasn't really required... and that these two are very much alike in that way.

However, I managed to get from a reliable source (who shall remain unknown) who read that "...somewhere Rosie's original livery actually posed challenges for the writing team in using her in their episodes, so it had to be changed to make her easier to write for..."


I've heard better excuses from kids who didn't do their homework. 

Believe me, if I worked for the TTTE writing team (and I've tried everywhere to apply), I could easily create dozens of stories for and about Rosie  — and I would never have to change a thing about her.

But "challenges"? That sounds like these sudden makeovers are nothing more than a mere scapegoat to avoid the  "problems"  they're facing... Lisa Simpson icon Speech Bubble Black Left Side "That just means admitting failureSpeech Bubble Black Right Side (The rebranded Lard Lad Statue)

And the same thing could go for the :iconlegoplz: series writers. I could do all that and many more, so the Friends would be left untarnished...

In short, why improve on perfection when it's good enough already?

NOTE: This Motivator isn't done via as it's currently unavailable (for some reason) but I had to make it another site. (Shame though, and the former least displayed what you were creating and you could easily adjust the text or image) However, once again I had to edit this with Photoshop because the main image was too large to fit at first...


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November 12, 2017
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