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Road Rovers/Thunderbirds: 'Project Siren' Sequence



I was inspired by :icondingofan: and… to create this fun opening. It is following on from here; and follows on with the Thunderbirds montage music.

A mysterious incident has been going on in the Gulf of Guinea. Several aircraft have crashed and six others have completely disappeared. Recovered black boxes reveal little' but one thing is for sure' something is incapacitating the pilots. Teams of experts from several professional fields and countries' have been sent to investigate what has been labelled 'The Guinea Triangle' with no real success.

One stormy night near an old lighthouse, an lone tugboat is patrolling the coast. Suddenly, he notices a hypnotizing light that is being directed at a plane flying overhead from the lighthouse. The tug drops anchor and stops his engine and watches in horror as the jet crashes into the ocean. Thankfully, the light turns off and the tug is able to rescue the pilot. However, when getting the unconscious pilot to safety, his story is hushed up by the papers, or is seen as senile fool, since he's the only steam tug in the entire harbour - he's only kept on since he's also the auxiliary fire tug in the entire district.

With no one believing him, his attention turns to the old lighthouse. He knows has been abandoned for 30 years, and out of service for 15. Yet, he's noticed the unusually large number of engineers that were supposedly working on it some time ago. He finds this very suspicious.

However, whilst his story may have been hushed up by the press and his captain, Persia has picked it up and reported it to the Master, who's now convinced that there is a link and some evidence to this case.

Now here, I'm not too sure what'll happen next; either the Master sends to Rovers to find the tug and question him (like in "The Dog Who Knew Too Much") or he summons the tug like Rovers, and leads him to a cave (shaped like a basset with its mouth open), where a series of white water chutes take the tug to the Golden Hydrants.
After hearing his story out fully, the Master sends the Rovers to "visit" the lighthouse and find out what's going on, and stop whoever's doing it. He is also concerned that what the tug witnessed, and what's happened so far, was only a test run for something bigger!

So, Hunter, Exile, Shag & Muzzle in the Mark II Cloud Rover and the tug storm the lighthouse, and discover an aircraft espionage team, lead by Captain Storm, is behind all this, while Colleen & Blitz take to the Sub Rover to locate theses so called 'Siren Lights' and take them out. But they don't have long for something suddenly appears on their radar. It is a Cape Town bound Concorde from Heathrow (possibly the intended target) and is due over that area shortly!!


Again, I had trouble trying to get the right clips of the Cloud Rover, since this only appeared in "A Hair of the Dog that Bites You".

I owe nothing except the creativity of this clip. Clips are courtesy of :iconwarnerbrosplz:, Gerry Andersdon Productions and HiT Entertainment.

I hope :icondingofan: might make this into one of his Road Rovers fanfics...
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