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Road Rovers OC - Vicky by CCB-18 Road Rovers OC - Vicky by CCB-18
This character was based on a cross between :iconliitletoboe102:'s Biker Mice from Mars & :iconmetroxlr:'s T.U.F.F Puppy fanfics, as well as a Road Rovers fanfic up that did have a human join the Rovers in the early Naughties (but I can't find it now) and not on Hannah-Barbera's Pound Puppies series...

NAME: Victoria Shepard (though she prefers the name "Vicky"). She was named after England's Queen beecause her empire once spanned the countries the Rovers come from (that and she had family in some of those countries up till WW1). She was given the Master's real surname to make it more legal on documents.

PROFILE: She was found abandoned as a baby in an alley by Exile & Shag when they went out for supplies - Shag sniffed her out and discovered her. Both dogs knew what it was like to be an abandoned stray (since that's how the Rovers started out as before becoming the pets of the World Leaders) and couldn't leave her there, so Shag hid her under his fur, like he did with Colleen  in "Hunter's Heroes". However, on their return back to the Golden Hydrants, the baby's presence set off the intruder alarms (like in Thunderbirds "Secruity Hazard") and it was only by sniffing her out that the rest of the Pack found her.

After Exile explained how he and Shag found her to the Master, they ask what he intends to do with her. The Master decided to allow the Rovers to keep her, feeling that they needed more responsibilities in their lives. Then came the question of naming her. Each Rover wanted to call her from a name from their home country (Shag wanted to name her after food, such as 'Kibble') but the Master soon settled that argument by naming her after English Queen that gave the world the British Empire, Victoria.
Hunter and Colleen quickly warned to the child, as did the others, such as Professor Hubert, the Space Rovers and all Rover Agents. The last one to accept her was Blitz, mostly because he refused to do diaper changes and because she found it amusing to punch him on his nose. But that changed when she was three when she smuggled herself on board a Cloud Rover whilst the Rovers went on a mission to stop Parvo, stole the vital part from Parvo's weapon whilst his back was turn, and got caught in a fire, but was rescued by Blitz. She still teases him, but he knows she's just being her "mom"...

Vicky came up fowl against Parvo again at the age of 5 when he kidnapped her to use her as a ploy against the Rovers to make them surrender. He told her lies to make her loose hope that her "family" didn't care for her (after all, it's one person's life against billions), however it didn't fully work. Vicky would rather believe her folks than terrorist any day.

However, if Parvo's lies didn't have any effect on Vicky, then the Master's truth did. The one room she was never allowed in was the Transdogmafier Chamber, so there were times when she didn't know where her family went at times.
The truth was brought before her shortly after Hunter brought his mother, Sunlight, in following a poison attack on her home farm. Professor Hubert was able to cure her, but kept her under observation. Vicky couldn't understand why her dad was so attached to this dog, or why he took such an attack so personally.
Later, when the Rovers went to stop any further attacks and came up against Parvo, only to get captured and dangled over a pit of bubbling acid (like in "A Day in the Life"), all Vicky and the Master could do was watch via a video link. When Vicky pleaded with the Master to find help, the Master saw only one course open. He showed Vicky into the Transdogmafier Chamber and asked Sunlight to step in.
When Vicky saw what took place next as Sunlight was turned into a Rover, the Master told Vicky the whole story behind her "family". Vicky was creast-fallen. She thought she had the most wonderful family in the world, when all she had the whole time was a pack of common dogs.
The Master told her that the Rovers maybe dogs, but they were far from common - they were unique. And never mind if Vicky was human and they were dogs, if they took her in when no one else would, then they were Vicky's ture family, and she shouldn't let them down now. Vicky knew the Master was right, and she knew she had to help. So, donning a Rover suit the Master had made for her, she & Sunlight went to save her family.

Now she knows whom her family really is, but she's happy for it. She loved them and would do anything to protect them.

It was only till she started going to school when things took a nasty turn. She kept getting bullied and beaten up because of her ways, her secrecy about her family and the fact that nasty rumors about her spread around the school made her such an easy target to pick on. She tried to defend herself when he had enough, but it got worse than better. And the teachers didn't seem to care, and let it go unseen.
All the Rovers were shocked at how she was treated at school. Blitz wanted personal payback, Exile suggested taking her out of school and have her home-tutored, but neither of them would help Vicky that much.
Things soon got so bad that Vicky would refuse to go back to school at times and it would drive Hunter and Colleen to dispare trying to reason with her. She knew they only looking out for her and would always be there for her, but deep down, she was afraid she would loose them via careless talk.
In the end, the Master agreed it was all for the best that Vicky started training with them. So, with Colleen as her defence teacher, and Confuse-Us as her teacher, Vicky soon learned the ways of the Rovers, and soon felt that she was offically now one of them.

Her life may have had ups and downs following her schooldays, but she reckons she still has the best family in the world...

Growing up with the Rovers, they had a lot of influence on her upbringing;
She has;
  • Hunter's cool head and sense of Leadership
  • Colleen martial arts and unarmed combat skills, as well as her sense of humor (but says none of those silly war-cries she does)
  • Exile's wisdom and patience
  • Muzzle's bounciness and excitement (though not his temper)
  • Shag's cooking skills - although she NEVER cooks in toilet water (but not his cowardness)
  • She has nothing of Blitz's influence on her, not even his temper or wussiness. She may have had his sense of bragging when she was younger, but it quickly wore off. Nowadays, Vicky just taunts and humors Blitz like the way her "mum" does.
  • And yet she has none of their superpowers. She tried once to be as fast as Hunter and tried to see if she had Exile's laser beam power - all to no effect...


  • Having never left the grounds surrounding the Golden Hydrants, Vicky's more used to the company of dogs, with the only other human being the Master. This was always a reason why she never had any friends when she went to school, whilst some unpleasent kids called her a "Dog-girl"...
  • Although Shag & Exile found her, her favourite Rovers have been Hunter & Colleen, whom she sees as her "parents", whilst the other three are her "uncles".
  • Her first word was "Woof", sadly. But she quickly caught on with the Rovers's name, except for Blitz, whom she called "Blister". 
  • Although she sees the Master as her "grandpa", she still prefers to call him "Master" like the Rovers do.
  • As a child, she would hide in Shag's fur (which sometimes caused panic when the Rovers couldn't find her) or sleep curled up in Colleen's long bushy tail.
  • Vicky has a tendency to wear a Rover Collar & dog tag, which Hunter gave her on her first day of school as a comforter, and eating dog biscuits - though they are ones she cooks herself.
  • Her favouite punchbag has always been Blitz. As a baby, she always delighted herself in biffing him on the nose, whilst learning martial arts under Colleen, he was her practice dummy.
  • The true problem the Rovers had with raising Vicky was making sure their canine instincts and habits didn't rub off on her, such as eating off the floor, drinking out of toilet bowls and rolling about in the grass on their backs.
  • She rarely leaves the Golden Hydrants, and only if she's accompanied by one of the Rovers, either in canine or cano-sapian form. This rule was dropped after she turned 13 and later went to college. Otherwise, she keeps an emergency access key to the chutes that lead to HQ.
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Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Student Writer
So, does Vicky remain a human or what?
CCB-18 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, she remains human. However, when she turned 16 she was given a special Road Rover collar that gave her a canosapian appearence (uniform and all) whenever there was an emergency and the Rovers went on the scene right away. All she has to do is slip into an alley, or somewhere where she can be unobserved, put on the collar, hold the tag and say "To the Power of the Pack". She also has to do this to turn herself back to normal...
Adam-Walker Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2016  Student Writer
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2016   General Artist
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