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Road Rovers Human Team by CCB-18 Road Rovers Human Team by CCB-18
Inspired by Harley Quinn's Gang of Harley from her comic series, so I came up with my Road Rovers OC Vicky; to come up with a new team of Rovers - a team that would blend in with human surroundings. The only one who objected was Blitz, but he was easily outvoted. The Master approved, but only allowed a trial run to begin with. 

So Vicky began to search for possible candidates, mostly via looking through the Rovers record of their previous adventures, and she soon got quite a colourful, if a strange, collective bunch; A Witchling, a Secret Scout, a powerless superhero, a morphing superhero, a junior trainee agent, a motorbiker, an orphan, a high-tech wiz kid and an ex-blind boy.

The Team's Roles are the following;
  • Vicky: Leader. Adopted daughter of Hunter & Colleen, and keen to follow on in their footsteps. Role in the team; Hunter (since he's the leader of the Rovers, and it was her idea for a new team, it made sense)
  • Rubi Screwtop***: Tech-Wiz. Though bound to a wheelchair, she's capable of showing she's got the moves and the brains. Role in the team; Muzzle (mostly as he get about on wheels as well)
  • Dory Goodwyn: Witch-in-Training. Sometimes stubborn, sometimes over keen to do her tasks, and occasionally getting into trouble, but she means well. Role in the team; Blitz (but not as narcissistic or pompous as him)
  • Mel Davidson: Adopted Daughter of Throttle of the Biker Mice from Mars. Growing up on the war-torn streets of Chicago and upon the saddle of a motorbike, she has machine knowledge and urban survival skills. Role in the team; Exile
  • Jessica (?*): Gormiti Air Lord, and mistaken for a Wind Deity. With powers of air and wind control, she's one not to fool about with. Role in the team; Combo of Colleen & Muzzle (Tough, but has to transform before taking heroic action)
  • Batgirl: Student of Superhero High. Although she posses no superpowers, her intellect and agitates are second to none. Role in the team; Colleen
  • Sara Spencer: Secret Scout. With her special ring, her enhanced agility, skills, gymnastics and speed make her unstoppable. Role in the team; Colleen
  • Monica Babcock: An orphan. Having had a hard life, she wants to help clean up the world. Role in the team; Shag (because she may look basic, but she can prove otherwise)
  • Penny Gadget(?**): Niece of Inspector Gadget. Agent-in-training. Once assisting her uncle from her room or the sidelines, now she's got the oppertunity to take front-line action. Role in the team; Exile.
  • Luka: Ex-blind boy from the episode "Gold & Retrievers" with knowledge of native jungle law and survival skills. Role in the team; Exile.
Again, Blitz made a joke about the Rovers being able to retire with new recruits filling their shoes, but only Shag laughed at the thought...

Standard Rover Uniforms attained from the Transdogmafier, but there are a few differences. Dory keeps on her hat and her charm necklace, Mel's has her jacket, Rubi her gloves, Sara and puffer-vest & ring, Luka's headband and Jessica her earrings. The only one who doesn't need one is Batgirl. Also, when Jessica transform, the suit dissolves as she becomes the Air Lord, but reappears when she changes back.
Rubi even got given the opportunity to wear some techno-exo-skeleton trousers so she could get about without her wheelchair - but she turned it down.

A sector in the Golden Hydrants. They also have freedom of the entire establishment and its grounds. Access is by their nearest Rover Transport Tube station. But don't worry, they are given human food to eat, nothing is served in dog bowls and they don't have toilet water to drink.

Sadly, despite the success of its first few missions, the team had to give up most of its members due to their own duties towards their families, training and (in Jessica's case) elsewhere. 

Still, it was a proven success and they'll still keep in contact as Rover Agents.

(?* = Not sure what her surname actually is. Neither am I sure of Lucas's. Only Toby & Nick Tripp are the Gormiti Lords whose names I know fully.)
(?** = Not sure if that's her real surname, since she always calls Inspector Gadget "Uncle Gadget", unless his name, like Uncle Monty in A Series of Unfortunate Events is 'Gadget Gadget')

Road Rovers, Batgirl © :iconwarnerbrosplz:
Rubi © :iconbbcplz: (*** = BTW, anybody notice that when you look at her in some scenes of Dennis & Gnasher Unleashed, it appears she's got a 5 o'Clock shadow?)
Monica :iconzottihottinotti165:/:icontillamillasilla:
Mel © A tribute to :iconliitletoboe102: (and hopefully those stories will return)
Sara, Penny © DiC Animations
Dory © Magical DoReMi
Jessica © Marathon
Vicky © Me
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Wordgirlserenity67 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Cool! Dorie's my favorite! 
MDTartist83 Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2018   General Artist
I recognize Luka (the kid from episode 10), Penny and Sarah.
tillamillasilla Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cool! :)
shabonnie-1 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2018
The Dr. Claws agents thing, I can honestly say I could see FEGELINE as one of his agents
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